Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New Products - Carwars Revisited Combat Arenas and Accessories

Combat Arena Sets

Some games are so good that they have an extended life, SJ Games Carwars is one of those games. With the release of its 5th version of rules releases for $3 and the game now scaled for Hotwheels/Matchbox, 1/64th scale cars it is a great starter game for new and old players looking for a change. The only drawback is the presentation and we hope to change that with some new dual purpose 28mm/Carwars scale kits.

Arena System

This outer wall system is built with expansion and customization in mind. With 2 different sized wall sections and connector blocks you can build arenas as small as or as large as your space will allow. Wall sections feature an sloped base with "blast/impact" pads and are pre-cut for 1/4" x 1/8" magnets and hex nuts (not included) to help keep everything aligned. To connect the wall sections there a 2 different types of post, 90 degree and 45 degree.

Arena Walls 11" (11.5"x1.5"x4") 2 pack w/ 4 mini barricades CW-AW11 $13
Arena Walls 5" (5.25"x1.5"x4") 4 pack CW-AW05 $13
Square corner blocks (1"x1"x4") 5 pack CW-AWBC $8
45 degree corner block (1.5"x1"x4") 4 pack CW-AWBA $8 

Arena Billboards

There is one thing that never changes, someone always has something to sell. And what is racing without the advertisers. This is designed as an in arena display. It has a 2 sided configuration with lighting heads over each side to add a little more realism to the design. The kit also features the same "blast/impact" pads around the base to protect the advertising.

2 Sided Billboards (2x5x3.5") 3 pack CW-2BB01 $10

Mini Barricades and Light Towers

The arena can be a dark places when you have night events and that is bad for ratings. You need a well lit space so the so the cameras can see every bit of the action. With that in mind we have added a series of light towers that fit the bill nicely. The towers have a 4 light head impact bumpers to hopefully keep drivers on the track and out of the stands.

Cube Barrier w/ Light Tower (3x3x3.5") 4 Pack CW-LT $10
Cube Barriers (3x3x1") 8 pack CW-CB $10 (not shown)
Mini Barricade pack, 10 small and 6 w/ signs (2x1x1 and 2x1x2") CW-MBP01 $12

Elevated Roadways

With so much focus in combat being centered ground level armor, front/back and sides, people tend to forget the top and bottom of the vehicle. That mistake will cost them. Now arena combat just got allot tougher. These ramps, platforms and curves means the battle no longer needs to take place on a single level. Designed with low bumpers help notify the drivers where the road ends and the drop off begins. Wide enough to go around 3 wide to setup some killer combat options the fans will love.  Just be careful where you set them, you don't want cars flying off into the stands. Bad for concession stand sales.

Elevated Roadways
Straights (6x11" each, 2 pack)   CW-SS01 $22
Ramps (6x11 each, 2 pack )        CW-RM01 $22
Wide Curve pack (26" semicircle, 2 sections)   CW-WC01 $25
Tight Curve pack (15" Semicircle, 1 piece)       CW-TC01 $25 (not shown)
T-Intersection           CW-INT01 $12 (not shown)
4-Way Intersection   CW-INT02 $12 (not shown)
Y-Intersection           CW-INT03 $12 (not shown)

Combat Markers and Accessory Templates

Scaling up the game also means it is time to upgrade to larger and more dynamic markers and game tokens. Larger turning keys, power up points and even smoke/oil slick counters will help you complete your ultimate arena.

Hotweels/Matchbox (1/64th scale) Turning key  
Scaled for 1/64th cars and marked with all the relevant D markers for each turn or drift to speed up gameplay. Available in wood, clear or colored acrylic.

Turning Key, wood CW-TK-01 $5
Turning Key, Clear Acrylic CW-TK-02 $8
Turning Key, Colored Acrylic CW-TK-03 $10 (available acrylic colors, $5 extra for mirrored)
Turning Key Tournament pack, 8 pack wood CW-TK-10 $30

Power-up markers
Perfect for reenacting the sword and shield power up points from films like "Deathrace". Add these to the table as goals or markers for your own custom rules. Kits come in all wood with removable center sections. The center sections can be replaced with acrylic inserts. 

Power-up markers, 4 pack wood CW-PUM-01 $10 
Acrylic Upgrade inserts, 4 inserts in 2 different colors CW-PUA-01 $10

Acrylic Bases
Add clear acrylic bases to your cars for more accurate targeting and easier measurement when moving or turning. Available it 2 sizes for small (subcompact/compact 1.25"x 2.5") large (medium/full sized 1.5"x 3"). 

Acrylic Bases, 4 pack acrylic bases 1.25"x 2.5" CW-AB-S4 $10
Acrylic Bases, 4 pack acrylic bases 1.5"x 3" CW-AB-L4 $10

100 wood debris markers (0.75"x0.75") $8

10 acrylic smoke counters (grey/white) (1.5"x1.5"x1.5") $15
10 acrylic paint counters (random colors) (1.5"x1.5"x1.5") $15

14 wood smoke/paint counters (1.5"x1.5"x1.5") $10

15 acrylic oil counters (3"x1") $25
30 wood oil counters (3"x1") $10

40 acrylic mine counters (0.75"x0.75") $25
80 wood mine markers (0.75"x0.75") $10

25 acrylic spike markers (1" dia) $25
50 wood spike markers (1"dia) $10

Each kit is shipped flat and can be assembled in minutes. As will all our kits custom engraving is available. To order a set email us at BURNINDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM or to find out more and stay on top of our new releases please  "like" us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BurnInDesigns.