Thursday, February 16, 2017

New Products - Quick City Buildings

Metro City Quick Buildings

We all love to play on nicely finished tables with wonderful terrain but with those full tables comes an issue, how do you store and transport all that terrain. Standard buildings look great but are easily damaged in transport and take up allot of space. There are numerous cardstock solutions to the storage problem but they tend to be flimsy and unstable. They also are sensitive to warping due to humidity.

The Quick Building line hopes to address that issue. The buildings are designed to give you the ease of storage seen in cardstock buildings with the durability of wood. Each kit is designed to store flat when not in use so you can fit an entire table's worth of buildings in a single manageable box. The buildings all use an interlocking panel system and come in 2 and 3 story variants.

To keep with the simplicity of cardstock buildings, these buildings are designed to be skinned with printable brick and stone patterns to get them to the table as quickly as possible. Includes with your order will be a download link to several base patterns, windows, and doors that you can mix and match design your buildings. You can also rescale buildings like those from World Works Games for a seamless transition from cardstock to rigid buildings.

If you want to take the buildings even further while still maintaining the storage benefits, we offer add-on kits to further customize each building. Each building has a series of connection points for awnings, balcony, and fire escape kits. These are designed to handle base sizes up to 50mm so even large figures and safely be placed on them with little fear of models falling. To expand even further we offer various surface mount door and window kits, building sign frames and rooftop accessories to really customize the buildings.

Now you can have that super dense table without all the storage hassles. Get your order in now.

Quick Building Shells

3 Story, includes, 4 wall panels, 2 sets of interior supports, 1 roof panel and locking pins
MCQBS-9x9 $30
MCQBS-9x5 $20

2 Story, includes, 4 wall panels, 1 set of interior supports, 1 roof panel and locking pins
MCQBS-9x9, w/ 2 fire escape modules $27
MCQBS-9x5 $18

Building Packs
Hotel Cabal Package

MCQB-HotelCabal - $12
 Cabal Hotel rooftop sign
 Long Balcony
 14 Arched top window frames
 1 double door set
 1 service door set
 2 balcony door sets

The Autoshop  

MCQB-Autoshop - $9
 2 Garage doors
 2 fire escape modules
 5 service doors

Jolly Jack Toys 

MCQB-JollyJack - $9
 1 shop door/window set
 1 Jolly Jack sign
 1 double door set
 1 service door set
 6 Tall double windows

Accessories Packs 
Door pack
MCQB-Door1 - $8
 4 standard door set
 4 oval window door set
 2 double door sets
 6 service style doors

Square office window pack
MCQB-Window1 - $8
 7 Single windows
 14 double windows

Round top window pack
MCQB-Window2 - $8
 21 round topped windows

Tall window pack
MCQB-Window3 - $8
 12 tall windows
 6 medium windows

Short Balcony pack
MCQB-Balcony1 - $6
 3 small balcony sets

Long Balcony pack 
MCQB-Balcony - $8
 2 long balcony sets

Fire Escape pack 
MCQB-Balcony - $8
 2 fire escape modules
 3 exit doors

Billboard Pack
MCQB-Billboard - $8
 2 Building mounted billboard frames
 2 removable billboards

To order a set email us at BURNINDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM or to find out more and stay on top of our new releases please  "like" us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter @BurnInDesigns

Monday, December 26, 2016

New Products - Steampunk Airships

Own the Skies
"Over the fluffy ice cream clouds, to grandmother's house she goes"

Come fly with us and enjoy a view like no other from Zantini Air latest aircraft. Designed with you in mind you and your family can travel in style. Skip the winding road and long travel times and explore the sky. From our smallest Bluejay 2 passenger craft to our current largest Osprey, 8 passenger soarer, we have solutions to get you in the air today.

The Bluejay Airship

Sleek and fast the Bluejay is designed to get you to your destination with speed and grace. It's long rigid, rigid airframe and sturdy metal cabin offer a level of protection seldom seen in an aircraft of this type.

SPA-Bluejay01 (HWD) $45

The Red Robin Airship

With powerful twin engines, a large 4 passenger cabin and view ports front and rear the Red Robin is the perfect way to travel the world. Your cabin in the skies awaits.

SPA-RedRobin01 (HWD) $40

The Osprey Airship

With our largest civilian air envelope, the Osprey is designed with long-distance travel in mind. The spacious cabin has room for up to 8 passengers and all the luxuries of home this is the only way to travel. The large quiet running single fan engine allows unprecedented amounts of air time while keeping noises to a minimum. If you are looking to increase speed and maneuverability you can add the optional thrust package to increase airspeeds and allow the craft to turn sharper than any other ship of its size.

 SPA-Osprey01 (HWD) $65

 Builders' Notes -
 The Steampunk Airship kits are built around a central wood dowel spine. The spine is designed to aid in the alignment of the kits support rings and can be removed once the assembly is complete. Both the Bluebird and Red Robin kits include cardstock panels that are designed to be trimmed to fit during assembly. It is recommended that you attach them one at a time in an alternating pattern so you can get the best fit of each panel. For the Osprey airframe, we do not supply skin panels. For this kit, we recommend covering the frame with craft paper or drywall tape.

To order a set email us at BURNINDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM or to find out more and stay on top of our new releases please  "like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at @burnindesigns.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New Products - The Firefly Airship

The Firefly Airship

With your head in the clouds and the wind in your hair the Firefly will get you there.

Designed as a short range flyer the Firefly airship it just right for light commuter and reconnoiter flights in dense environments like today's cities. With an improved lift chamber in the lower half of the body and twin 4 cylinder engine pods you have the necessary speed and maneuverability to get you anywhere. The narrow shape and open cockpit that carries up to 4 passengers gives excellent visibility. Take to the skies in the new Firefly airship. *Military versions available via special order only

The Firefly Airship is a new steampunk/anime inspired design. As a tall airship it has a great feel on the table and offers an interesting take on alternate history flight. The kit uses a wooden frame for rigidity and durability and is skinned in 1.5mm thick cardstock to allow for the rounded shape, The top canopy is removable for easier placement of figures and supports up to a 40mm base.

Firefly Airship SPA-FIREFLY01 - $18

To order a set email us at BURNINDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM or to find out more and stay on top of our new releases please  "like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at @burnindesigns.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

New Products - ISO Container Mover

New Products - ISO Container Mover

Shipping docks are one of the universal action scene settings. They offer everything from high sniper positions to deep canons and narrow passages. With so many possibilities and the simplicity they offer they work well in modern, post-apocalyptic and scifi settings. So what could make them even better adding the part to finish out the scene.

The ISO Container mover is the kit you have been waiting for . Designed to allow stacking containers 3 high, this kit is a great centerpiece for any table. It has a tall , over 12", and imposing 8x10" footprint. Moving on 6 large wheels that pivot 180 degrees to allow the piece to roll sideways and unload containers it adds that little extra detail we like to see on the table. The cabin is open allowing you to access the moving cable spools inside. The clamps are designed to work with all the current ISO containers we offer. 

ISO Container Mover

ISO Container Mover MCCS-ICM001 $70

Long wheelbase box truck 
If now that you have a crane you now need a truck to put the containers on and we have you covered on that. *container not included.
Long Wheelbase Box Truck,  MCT-STS32 $24 

ISO Shipping Containers

The standard ISO shipping container come in all different varieties but all have a few things in common, a standard size and shape, they look sturdy and can be stacked. These new containers fit that and will give you some nice, dynamic features you don't see in other offerings.

The containers are sold in singles or sets so you can quickly fill out your table. All the containers are based on a 3x3x6" box shape and have small, interlocking feet to tie them together. The design also sets a standard allowing us to expand on the set with more options and features as needed. For example we will be adding train cars, carriages and wheel sets to give the table a more realistic feel.

Sci-Fi ISO Container 

This is the basic shipping container with dual loading ramps and a set of platform feet.
Sci-Fi ISO Container 2 Pack,  ISO-SF02 $25
Sci-Fi ISO Container 5 Pack,  ISO-SF05 $55

Liquid Storage

Designed as 2 piece kit this one includes a removable cylinder "tank" section allowing the kit to be used as a open framed carrier box.
Liquid Storage ISO Container 2 pack, ISO-LS02 $25
Liquid Storage ISO Container 5 pack, ISO-LS05 $55

Modern End Door Container

Designed with a double swinging doors on 1 end. Set includes both full panel and just external support lattice to expand the assembly options.
Modern End Door Container 2 pack, ISO-MED02 $25
Modern End Door Container 5 pack, ISO-MED02 $55

Modern End Ramp Container

Designed with a single fold down ramp on one end. Set includes both full panel and just external support lattice to expand the assembly options.
Modern End Ramp Container 2 pack, ISO-MER02 $25
Modern End Ramp Container 5 pack, ISO-MER02 $55

Modern Side Door Container

Designed with double, center split, sliding doors
Modern Side Door Container 2 pack, ISO-MSD02 $25
Modern Side Door Container 5 pack, ISO-MSD02 $55

Open Topped Container

With a completely open center section this container allows for models and items to be place inside. Includes a open grid floor for added detail.
Open Topped Container 2 pack, ISO-OTC02 $25
Open Topped Container 5 pack, ISO-OTC02 $55

Iron Box Container

Designed to resemble a plate armored box perfect for steampunk or old west worlds. This one features a removable top and sliding doors.
Iron Box Container, 2 pack, ISO-IBC02 $25
Iron Box Container, 5 pack, ISO-IBC05 $55

Extra Long Container

When shipping large items you need a large container. This one is designed to use the same stacking system as the smaller containers but adds 2 inches to the overall design. It has large sliding doors on both sides.
Extra Long Container, ISO-ELC02 $20


Platform stabilizer feet
These are the same extra feet that come with the Sci-Fi container and are designed to lift the container up about 3/4". (Does not include the container)
Platform stabilizer feet, 1 set ISO-PSF $5

Loading Dock Wheels
Designed with 8 wheels and movable front leveling legs this kit is the perfect add on for a more realistic dock setting.
Loading Dock Wheels, ISO-LDW01 $10
Loading Dock Wheels, ISO-LDW05 $45

To order a set email us at BURNINDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM or to find out more and stay on top of our new releases please  "like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at @burnindesigns.