Tuesday, October 18, 2016

New Products - Medicine Show

The Great Medicine Show

"Are you chronically ill with some vague illness that the medical community can neither confirm nor treat? If so we can help. With the use of our "magic microscope" we can take a single drop of you blood and find hundreds of organisms that the medical community doesn't want you to know about.."   Dr. Scott Hadacol

   The Medicine show is one of the oldest wonders ever created. They have pills and potion, elixirs and ointments that can cure just about everything. From baldness ,to tired blood even that cold that wont seem to go away. They have you covered and even offer money back guarantee. Step right up and get the cure for what ailes you today.

   Time to add a little more character and small details to your Wild West Exodus, Malifaux or Deadlands game table. Get yours now.

Cabin Display Wagon
 Designed to display wares, perfect for fast setup, and get away, I mean packing up after an event. With wide open sides displaying bottles you are a rolling showroom.

 Cabin Display Wagon  OWC-WGN10 $13

Wooden Monk Brewery
For years the monks have traveled far and wide spreading the gospel of breaking bread and drinking their brew for a better healthful life. Their raised mugs can be found everywhere helping the sick and down peoples of the world to feel better. Hold your mug high and allow their brew to heal you too.

 Wooden Monk Brewery  OWC-WGN11 $13

Wildsmith's Floo Powder Truck
"When travelling by Floo powder it is important that you speak clearly, take care to get out at the right grate, keep your elbows tucked in, shut your eyes, don’t fidget and don’t panic."

Do you hate flying in bad weather and high winds. Wildsmith's Floo Powder makes this a thing of the past. Just a handful into any fire and you never have to worry about the weather again. *may cause excessive soot in fire. Use only as directed.

Wildsmith's Floo Powder Truck OWC-WGN12 $13

Classic Show Wagon
"Gather around my dear friends, I would like to tell you about a cure for what ails you, be it sniffles, scurvy, stomach ailments, eye sight, nervousness, gout, pneumonia, cancer, heart ailments, tiredness or plum just sick of life... Yes, sir, a bottle of Mac & Jack's Wonder Potion will fix whatever ails you!"

Classic Show Wagon  OWC-WGN13 $13

Prisoner Transport Wagon
"You really thought you could pass off your piss and ink as a miracle cure in my town? Son, I have a special place for you and your kind." Sheriff Jack "Bumper" Dalton 

With the boom in snake oil sales,there are allot of less reputable sellers coming out of the woodwork passing off orange juice or castor oil as the cure for everything we needed a way to move them to the courts in larger cities. With extra heavy wheels, benches and thick bars they won't be missing their court dates.

Prisoner Transport Wagon OWC-WGN14 $13

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

New Products - All Aboard Metro City Next Stop

All Aboard!!! Next Stop Metro City!

Trains are iconic in so many cities in the US. In New York they have the subway, London, the tube and Chicago the L. Trans are part of life in the city. Lets make them part of your tabletop.

Metro Electric Train

 The Metro Electric Train set is the latest addition to the Metro City modern kit. The kit is modeled after the train used by t he Chicago Transit System. Each train car is designed to fit either Burn In Designs own track system or Lionel O gauge 3 rail tracks allowing for easy expansion and track options. Cars have a removable top, seats and movable doors allowing the game to be extended inside the cars. (HWD 3.75"x2.75"x9")
Metro Electric Train    MTC-TC01 $28

Metro City Train Stop
Elevated for easier entry and exit from the train cars the train stop allows you to present a seamless picture when setting your table. The train stop is 2 sided allowing you to lay tracks on either side. The central awning includes benches on both sides and even is marked for the "warning strips" at the edges of the platform near the tracks. (HWD 5"x11"x10")
Metro City Train Stop   MTC-TS01 $35

Metro City Trellis

The Trellis is designed to allow trains and cars to better share the load without battling each other for space. Designed to large enough to either cross or run over the top of an existing road like those found in city tile systems like Secret Weapon Miniatures Urban Streets set.  The sets are designed to link together to build longer sections. (HWD 7"x10"x11")
Metro City Trellis, includes 2 tracks , trellis and 2 stands  MCT-TT01 $35
Metro City "O gauge" train tracks, 5 - 11" sections   MCT-TT40 $25
Metro City "O gauge" train track curve, 2 sections makes a 25" half circle  MCT-TT45 $25

To order a set email us at BURNINDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM or to find out more and stay on top of our new releases please  "like" us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BurnInDesigns and follow us on Twitter @BurnInDesigns

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Painter's Workstation and Trays

Master Collection Painter's Workstations

Keeping your paint supplies together and easy to reach can be a problem. It can become even more of a problem when you start to work on multiple projects or several minis at once. We have come up with a simple rack to make things a little easier and hopefully simplify things for you. 

Painters Workstation

The set is designed to fit in with our Hobby Master Collection storage system and allows you to reuse two of  your existing half trays from that system or add new trays as needed. The rack includes 6 model painting holders for for easier painting and also doubles as a drying rack. 
MCS-WS01, 6 model holders & workstation     $35

Triple Tray Workstation

If you need a little more room to spread out your paints then we also have a wide paint workstation designed to hold 3 half paint trays or 1 each of the full and half trays.  
MCS-WS02,  workstation     $20

The basis for all of this is the Master Collection Tray, MCT. The MCTs are  units cut in a pattern to fit the various parts as needed. They come it 2 sizes a full tray, 9x11x1" and  half tray 9x5x1". Cut patterns are set for paint from virtually all manufacturers from traditional small through tall dropper bottles. Each tray snaps together without glue. Full trays hold 48 dropper or 30 GW sized paints, 24 and 15 for half trays. The specialty hobby tray includes space for a 4" ceramic tile pallet, not included, 11 model stand/handles and slots for 6 paint pots.

Master Collection Paint Tray - GW FullMCT-GWF116
Master Collection Paint Tray - GW half trayMCT-GWH112
Master Collection Paint Tray - Dropper Bottle FullMCT-DBF116
Master Collection Paint Tray - Dropper Bottle half trayMCT-DBH112
Master Collection Hobby TrayMCT-HT118

Model Paint Holder 

Each model holder is designed with a holding loop for extra bracing, comes pre-drilled for magnets to make it easier to mount models.
MCS-MH03,  3 pack model holders    $20

To order a set email us at BURNINDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM or to find out more and stay on top of our new releases please  "like" us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BurnInDesigns and follow us on Twitter @BurnInDesigns

Monday, September 12, 2016

New Products - Food Truck Nation

Food Truck Nation!

We have become a nation of gourmet food on the go. No longer will things like lobster grilled cheese with butter squash sauce, fresh Italian fusion wanton soup or Aztec inspired fish tacos be confined to just sit down restaurants in in expensive zip codes. Now you can get them on any corner, any time of day. Why should your game table be any different?

We are launch a new line of vehicles to fill this gap. Each truck is scaled for 28mm heroic to 35mm for use in game like Batman Miniatures/Marvel Universe Miniatures Game and This is Not a Test. Each kit offers its own unique twist on the game including features like opening doors, side mirrors and even removable cargo boxes.

Standard Trucks
These are the workhorses of the world. Able to service a wide range of functions there is no limit to how they can be used with any game system. 

Style 1 - Multi-window with awning  MCT-FTS01 $15 

Style 2 - Lazy Ace Food Truck MCT-FTS02 $15 

 Style 3 - Beach Party Box Delivery Van  MCT-FTS03 $15

 Style 4 - Ice cream truck MCT-FTS04 $15

Border Wall Taco Truck    MCT-FTS05 $18

Specialty Trucks
These are trucks deigned with a specific purpose of function in mind. Be it armored transport work to trans shipping ISO containers these will do it in style. 

Frozen Mountain Cryogenics Truck MCT-STS10 $18 

Armored Transport MCT-STS20 $18 

Tantu Audio Box Truck MCT-STS30 $22 

Flatbed Transport Truck, 1/38 scale car not included MCT-STS31 $22 

Long Wheelbase Box Truck , ISO container and vehicles not included 
MCT-STS32 $24

Optional Accessories
ISO containers
Liquid Storage ISO Container 2 pack,   ISO-LS02 $25
Modern End Door Container 2 pack,   ISO-MED02 $25
Open Topped Container 2 pack,   ISO-OTC02 $25

Sci-Fi ISO Container 2 Pack,  ISO-SF02 $25

Custom Engraved blank container boxes, ISO-BCE01 $14

To order a set email us at BURNINDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM or to find out more and stay on top of our new releases please  "like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at @burnindesigns.