Monday, March 26, 2018

New Product - Lighted Paint Work Station

New Product - Lighted Paint Work Station

Let there be light!

As much as we love to paint in real sunlight it is not always possible. You can turn on all the lights in the room and still not have enough to work by. Worse yet the color of the light affects the way the paint looks so that really cool green you thought you were using is now some strange blue-green that just doesn't work. Hopefully, this will help. This is a paint workstation with a removable light hoop for easier storage.

The tray is approximately 20" wide and 11" deep. This gives you plenty of area to work on your model without being too big. There are spaces for 10 dropper or 8 GW sized paints, depending on the model ordered, on either side to help keep your paints close at hand and stop tip-overs and spills. The center area can be fitted with an optional acrylic sheet to help bounce more light at the model and can double as a paint pallet.

To complete the kit there are a couple of pieces you will need to pick up locally. Wait, I know it is an incomplete kit but there is are a couple of reasons for doing it this way. First, easier shipping. The aluminum rail used for the hoop is long, 3/4" wide and 36-48" and doesn't fit in any of our normal shipping boxes. Good news all the major hardware stores carry them for less than $5. Second, LED strips are pretty common now and get cheaper every day. The kit I used for this one was from It included the LED strip, dimmer and power supply. At the time I ordered the kit it was $25 and now they are half the price. We may be gamers but we also know a deal when we see one.
Lighten up and start painting.

Lighted Paint Workstation
MCS-WS04,  20x11" paint work station

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