Box Inserts and Organizers

We love board games. They offer some of the best options for games available. Easy to get into, ship as a "mostly" complete set, and have everything you need for a fun gaming day. They just have one downfall, keeping everything sorted. Multiple card stacks, dice, tokens, templates, meeples, damage trackers. scoresheets, and minis. So many parts to stuff into one box. Boardgame inserts make things a little easier. Now with all the parts in easy to sort and access trays, setup and cleanup are faster giving you even more time to play. 

All the inserts are made with 3mm birch plywood that easily glues together for maximum durability. The inserts slide together with ease and thanks to their modular design, they can be used during the game to keep cards or tokens from being knocked over during the game.

Car Combat: Road Rage run rampantCarwars complete set

Designed to cover the Carwars 6th Edition Kickstarter Double Ace set. It includes 3 layers of trays accommodating all the cards with room to double the amount as new sets are released, 24 car models, spaces for all the terrain/hazard plates, dice, tokens, and templates. The set reuses the current rules box to hold any instruction and expansion information sheets and player dials. The box closes normally with the trays inside. But if you prefer, you can also fit the track tiles in the box relatively easily. The top will sit about 1 inch higher with them inside. If you prefer to keep the cars in a separate miniatures carrier, you can remove those trays to make room for the tiles. The card trays are labeled with which parts fit in each component. Lastly, the card spaces will fit cards flat or on edge to increase storage and have a finger hole in the bottom to make card removal simple. This is the perfect complement to your Car Wars experience.

 CC Complete Tray set (BI-CC01 $55)

24 car slot option includes:
1 support lid
1 card build tray
1 accessory template tray
2 12 car storage trays
1 narrow tray for bases and/or extra cards
1 wide tray for additional card storage

36 car slot option includes:
1 support lid
1 card build tray
1 accessory template tray
4 9 car storage trays

BI-CC01 - CC Complete Tray set 

B1-CC02 - CC 36 Car Tray Set