Metro City - 28-35mm Modern

As the saying goes, "When you die in the city, going to hell is considered a promotion."

Metro City is a tough place to live in. Crime and corruption on one end and high society elitism on the other. Both working together to crush or control those caught in the middle. The strongest will survive and the rest...we don't talk about the rest.

Our modern world kits are designed as an entryway into modern gaming. From modern and near-future tactical shooters like Infinity and Mercs to superhero fairs like Batman Miniatures and DC Legends, or post-apocalyptic games like This is Not a Test, we have you covered. Huge buildings, modular designs, shipping docks, and fire hydrants, all the bits to make your city unique.

Metro City Quick Buildings

We all love to play on nicely finished tables with wonderful terrain but with those full tables comes an issue, how do you store and transport all that terrain. Standard buildings look great but are easily damaged in transport and take up a lot of space. There are numerous cardstock solutions to the storage problem but they tend to be flimsy and unstable. They also are sensitive to warping due to humidity.

The Quick Building line hopes to address that issue. The buildings are designed to give you the ease of storage seen in cardstock buildings with the durability of wood. Each kit is designed to store flat when not in use so you can fit an entire table's worth of buildings in a single manageable box. The buildings all use an interlocking panel system and come in 2 and 3 story variants.

To keep with the simplicity of cardstock buildings, these buildings are designed to be skinned with printable brick and stone patterns to get them to the table as quickly as possible. Includes with your order will be a download link to several base patterns, windows, and doors that you can mix and match design your buildings. You can also rescale buildings like those from World Works Games for a seamless transition from cardstock to rigid buildings.

If you want to take the buildings even further while still maintaining the storage benefits, we offer add-on kits to further customize each building. Each building has a series of connection points for awnings, balcony, and fire escape kits. These are designed to handle base sizes up to 50mm so even large figures and safely be placed on them with little fear of models falling. To expand even further we offer various surface-mount door and window kits, building sign frames and rooftop accessories to really customize the buildings.

Now you can have that super dense table without all the storage hassles. Get your order in now.

Quick Building Shells

3 Story, includes, 4 wall panels, 2 sets of interior supports, 1 roof panel and locking pins
MCQBS-9x9 $30
MCQBS-9x5 $20

2 Story, includes, 4 wall panels, 1 set of interior supports, 1 roof panel and locking pins
MCQBS-9x9, w/ 2 fire escape modules $27
MCQBS-9x5 $18

Building Packs
Hotel Cabal Package

MCQB-HotelCabal - $12
 Cabal Hotel rooftop sign
 Long Balcony
 14 Arched top window frames
 1 double door set
 1 service door set
 2 balcony door sets

The Autoshop  

MCQB-Autoshop - $9
 2 Garage doors
 2 fire escape modules
 5 service doors

Jolly Jack Toys 

MCQB-JollyJack - $9
 1 shop door/window set
 1 Jolly Jack sign
 1 double door set
 1 service door set
 6 Tall double windows

Accessories Packs 
Door pack
MCQB-Door1 - $8
 4 standard door set
 4 oval window door set
 2 double door sets
 6 service style doors

Square office window pack
MCQB-Window1 - $8
 7 Single windows
 14 double windows

Round top window pack
MCQB-Window2 - $8
 21 round-topped windows

Tall window pack
MCQB-Window3 - $8
 12 tall windows
 6 medium windows

Short Balcony pack
MCQB-Balcony1 - $6
 3 small balcony sets

Long Balcony pack 
MCQB-Balcony - $8
 2 long balcony sets

Fire Escape pack 
MCQB-Balcony - $8
 2 fire escape modules
 3 exit doors

Billboard Pack
MCQB-Billboard - $8
 2 Building-mounted billboard frames
 2 removable billboards

Metro City Firehouse
Metro City Firehouse 1- MCFH-1  $65  

The firehouse modeled after the one in the 1984 Ghostbusters movie is a fun tribute to the film and brings a high level of detail to the table. With its large, deep windows on 3 sides setting up some great game potentials moves and a fully modeled fire escape with roof ladder in back, this is an excellent starter piece. It includes extra details like external wall sconces and fire hose connections on the outside. The kit can be modeled with the doors open or closed as needed. 
11" x 12" x 10" (HDW)  *Shown with optional water tower and skylight sold separately 

Metro City Clock Tower 
Metro City Clock Tower - MCCT-1  $60  

The clock tower is designed to be the centerpiece of any modern or steampunk/Victorian table. The kit has clock faces on all sides that can use the included fixed arms or be fit with 4 real clock modules available online or are most craft stores. At almost 20 inches tall this kit will tower over most buildings adding to its appeal on the tabletop. The 2 levels of the kit include trap doors for ladders to allow models to move from level to level. 
19.5" x 4.5" x 4.5" (HDW) * Bell not included

Metro City Brownstones

The 3-story walk-up apartment is a staple of most large cities. From New York to Chicago or Seattle they are one of the best places to live. The kits include a collection of doors and multi-layered windows to allow for some customization on each kit.
Metro City Brownstone 1 - MCBS-1  $48 
XxYxZ (HDW) * Accessories not included 

Metro City Brownstone 2 - MCBS-2  $48   
11" x 12" x 5"  (HDW) * Accessories not included  

Metro City Brownstone 3 - MCBS-3  $36     
8" x 9" x 6" (HDW) * Accessories not included  

Metro City Scatter Terrain and Street Dressing
Having just buildings on the tabletop is not enough. You need details to help set the rest of the scene. All those little things you and I see every day. Fire hydrants, street lights, bike racks, fences, all those bits that make the scene real and in some cases grant that added bit of cover you need to survive a firefight.

Metro City Wrought Iron Fences - MCWIF-1 $12   
  4 - 5 in. fence sections
  3 - 5 in. swing open gates 

Metro City Ornamental Fences Short - MCWIF-2 $12  
   8 - 3.75" sections
 10 - Connecting Post 
 Metro City Ornamental Fences Medium-  MCWIF-3 $12  
   6 - 5.375" sections
 10 - Connecting Post 
Metro City Ornamental Gates -  MCWIF-4 $8  
 2 - 5.25" Swinging Gates with Connecting Post
 2 - Connecting Post 

Metro City Accessory Set 1 - MCAS-01 $10
4 street lights,2 fire hydrants,2 parking meters,1 bike rack
1 manhole work ring,1 street repair directional sign
4 11" sidewalk sections

Metro City Public Works Set 1 - MCPW-01 $10
10 Construction barricades, 10 tall road cones,
1 street repair directional sign, 1 manhole work ring,
2 fire hydrants, 3 11" sidewalk sections

Metro City Streetlight Set 1 -  MCSLS-01 $10
14 street lights
Metro City Working Overhead Set 1 - MCWOS-01 $10
 1 Scissor Lift, 4 construction barricades
Metro City Worksite Generator Set - MCWGS-1 
2 tow behind generator boxes, 2 light stands
Metro City Billboards - MCBB-1 $10
 2 billboards with removable signs. 1 rooftop and 1 side attached.

Metro City Rooftop Air conditioner - MCRAC-1 $8

Metro City Window Air-conditioners (4 pack) - MCWAC-1 $5

Metro City Rooftop Water Tank (2 pack) - MCRWT-1 $10

Metro City Skylights (4 pack)

New Products  - GBHQ Firehouse

There's definitely something strange in this neighborhood! Get ready to bust some ghosts at the Firehouse Headquarters!

Recreate iconic Ghostbusters scenes with the 3-story Firehouse Headquarters. The firehouse is modeled after the one in the 1984 Ghostbusters movie is a fun tribute to the film and brings a high level of detail to the table. With its large, deep windows on 3 sides setting up some great game potentials moves and a fully modeled fire escape with roof ladder in back, this is an excellent starter piece. It includes extra details like external wall sconces and fire hose connections on the outside. The kit can be modeled with the doors open or closed as needed. 
11" x 12" x 10" (HDW)  *Shown with optional water tower and skylight sold separately 

Metro City Firehouse 1- MCFH-1  $65 

Optional Accessories
Metro City Rooftop Water Tank (2 pack) - MCRWT-1 $10
Metro City Skylights (4 pack) - MCSC04 $10

Vintage Mobile Homes
The fabulous 50's brought about a new era of prosperity and innovation. Now you could go to the outdoors and enjoy while still having all the comforts of home

The Streamline Cruiser
Designed to move you and your family in comfort to and from the campsite. The top of the line Streamline Cruiser has all the features to be your home away from home. With dual propane tanks and easily accessible rooftop storage, thanks to a rear-mounted ladder you are all set for an extended stay. Thanks to a skylight you can still sleep under the stars while staying comfortable and cool with the built-in AC unit. The awning is removable so for safe travels. Get yours today and get outdoors.

Streamline Cruiser Mobile Home (HWD 3.5"x10"x3")  VMH-SC01 $28

The Teardrop Tow-Behind 
For those that are traveling lighter or want to rough it a little, we offer the Teardrop tow-behind trailer. This sleek design gives you the perfect place to stow your gear without being a drain on you as you go down the road. Tight and compact it is great for the traveler on the go. The curved roof sheds water easily and the double doors make loading and unloading a breeze. So get out and get active with the Teardrop today.

Teardrop Tow-behind trailer (HWD 2.5"x6"x2.5")  VMH-TTB01 $10

The Cozy Cub Trailer
Are you looking for a nice weekend trailer? Something for you and your friend to get away from it all for a little bit. Maybe you want to rough it a little but still, know you have a warm bed? The Cozy Cub Trailer is the one for you. Large enough for 2 adults to stay comfortably and still have the essential pieces needed in a home away from home. Get yours today.  Spare tire included.

The Cozy Cub (HWD 2.75"x6"x3")  VMH-CC01 $20

The Sun Shower Mobile Home
Now that you have traveled a little and found the perfect spot by the lake it is time to make it your permanent home. The Sun Shower series of mobile homes will allow you to quickly build the lake home of your dreams. With large windows to allow in the maximum amount of light. The unit includes a built-in propane generator so you can still live comfortably without the need for power lines.  Come hang out on the porch and enjoy your new home.

The Sun Shower Mobile Home (HWD 4"x9"x5")  VMH-SS01 $28

Metro City Construction Site Kits

If you have a city that is growing you have construction. Why should the gaming table be any different? The Metro City construction site kits allow you to enter a new phase in your table building. With construction trailers, bins and heavy equipment trailers, you are on your way. There is a construction girder system that gives you the freedom to customize the building site to your specifications. Combine this with the rest of the Metro City kits to add all those small details and scatter terrain that so many tables lack. Oh, and don't forget the Port-a-potty.

Kits like the Construction trailer and bins use the same mounting system and are compatible with the items and mounts for the ISO containers. (

Construction Trailer  MCCS-CT01 $22
Designed for 28mm heroic through 35mm miniatures. Kit includes the trailer, support legs, and staircase.

Cable Spool Trailer   MCCS-CS01 $10
Designed for 28mm heroic through 35mm miniatures. Kit includes trailer and 3 spools.

Half Height Construction Dumpster 1   MCCS-CD01 $16

Half Height Construction Dumpster 2   MCCS-CD02 $16

Construction Site Generator/Welder   MCCS-GW01 $10

Enclosed Utility Trailer - MCCS-UT01 $10

Enclosed Utility Trailer - MCCS-UT01 $10

Construction Site Girder System (6.4x6.4x11") - MCCS-CSGSTR - $22
Includes 4 long vertical I beams, baseplate and mounts, 16 I beam girders and corner plates.

Jobsite Toilet - MCCS-JT01 $10 

ISO Container Mover

Shipping docks are one of the universal action scene settings. They offer everything from high sniper positions to deep canyons and narrow passages. With so many possibilities and the simplicity, they offer they work well in modern, post-apocalyptic and sci-fi settings. So what could make them even better adding the part to finish out the scene?

The ISO Container mover is the kit you have been waiting for. Designed to allow stacking containers 3 high, this kit is a great centerpiece for any table. It has a tall, over 12", and imposing 8x10" footprint. Moving on 6 large wheels that pivot 180 degrees to allow the piece to roll sideways and unload containers it adds that little extra detail we like to see on the table. The cabin is open allowing you to access the moving cable spools inside. The clamps are designed to work with all the current ISO containers we offer. 

ISO Container Mover

ISO Container Mover MCCS-ICM001 $70

Long wheelbase box truck 
If now that you have a crane you now need a truck to put the containers on and we have you covered on that. *container not included.
Long Wheelbase Box Truck,  MCT-STS32 $24 

ISO Shipping Containers

The standard ISO shipping container comes in all different varieties but all have a few things in common, standard size and shape, they look sturdy and can be stacked. These new containers fit that and will give you some nice, dynamic features you don't see in other offerings.

The containers are sold in singles or sets so you can quickly fill out your table. All the containers are based on a 3x3x6" box shape and have small, interlocking feet to tie them together. The design also sets a standard allowing us to expand on the set with more options and features as needed. For example, we will be adding train cars, carriages and wheelsets to give the table a more realistic feel.

Sci-Fi ISO Container 

This is the basic shipping container with dual loading ramps and a set of platform feet.
Sci-Fi ISO Container 2 Pack,  ISO-SF02 $25
Sci-Fi ISO Container 5 Pack,  ISO-SF05 $55

Liquid Storage

Designed as 2 piece kit this one includes a removable cylinder "tank" section allowing the kit to be used as an open-framed carrier box.
Liquid Storage ISO Container 2 pack, ISO-LS02 $25
Liquid Storage ISO Container 5 pack, ISO-LS05 $55

Modern End Door Container

Designed with double swinging doors on 1 end. Set includes both full panel and just external support lattice to expand the assembly options.
Modern End Door Container 2 pack, ISO-MED02 $25
Modern End Door Container 5 pack, ISO-MED02 $55

Modern End Ramp Container

Designed with a single fold down ramp on one end. Set includes both full panel and just external support lattice to expand the assembly options.
Modern End Ramp Container 2 pack, ISO-MER02 $25
Modern End Ramp Container 5 pack, ISO-MER02 $55

Modern Side Door Container

Designed with double, center split, sliding doors
Modern Side Door Container 2 pack, ISO-MSD02 $25
Modern Side Door Container 5 pack, ISO-MSD02 $55

Open Topped Container

With a completely open center section, this container allows for models and items to be placed inside. Includes an open grid floor for added detail.
Open Topped Container 2 pack, ISO-OTC02 $25
Open Topped Container 5 pack, ISO-OTC02 $55

Iron Box Container

Designed to resemble a plate armored box perfect for steampunk or old west worlds. This one features a removable top and sliding doors.
Iron Box Container, 2 pack, ISO-IBC02 $25
Iron Box Container, 5 pack, ISO-IBC05 $55

Extra Long Container

When shipping large items you need a large container. This one is designed to use the same stacking system as the smaller containers but adds 2 inches to the overall design. It has large sliding doors on both sides.
Extra Long Container, ISO-ELC02 $20


Platform stabilizer feet
These are the same extra feet that come with the Sci-Fi container and are designed to lift the container up about 3/4". (Does not include the container)
Platform stabilizer feet, 1 set ISO-PSF $5

Loading Dock Wheels
Designed with 8 wheels and movable front leveling legs this kit is the perfect add on for a more realistic dock setting.
Loading Dock Wheels, ISO-LDW01 $10
Loading Dock Wheels, ISO-LDW05 $45

All Aboard!!! Next Stop Metro City!

Trains are iconic in so many cities in the US. In New York, they have the subway, London, the tube and Chicago the L. Trans are part of life in the city. Let's make them part of your tabletop.

Metro Electric Train

 The Metro Electric Train set is the latest addition to the Metro City modern kit. The kit is modeled after the train used by the Chicago Transit System. Each train car is designed to fit either Burn In Designs own track system or Lionel O gauge 3 rail tracks allowing for easy expansion and track options. Cars have a removable top, seats and movable doors allowing the game to be extended inside the cars. (HWD 3.75"x2.75"x9")
Metro Electric Train    MTC-TC01 $28

Metro City Train Stop
Elevated for easier entry and exit from the train cars the train stop allows you to present a seamless picture when setting your table. The train stop is 2 sided allowing you to lay tracks on either side. The central awning includes benches on both sides and even is marked for the "warning strips" at the edges of the platform near the tracks. (HWD 5"x11"x10")
Metro City Train Stop   MTC-TS01 $35

Metro City Trellis

The Trellis is designed to allow trains and cars to better share the load without battling each other for space. Designed to large enough to either cross or run over the top of an existing road like those found in city tile systems like Secret Weapon Miniatures Urban Streets set.  The sets are designed to link together to build longer sections. (HWD 7"x10"x11")
Metro City Trellis, includes 2 tracks, trellis and 2 stands  MCT-TT01 $35
Metro City "O gauge" train tracks, 5 - 11" sections   MCT-TT40 $25
Metro City "O gauge" train track curve, 2 sections make a 25" half circle  MCT-TT45 $25

Food Truck Nation!

We have become a nation of gourmet food on the go. No longer will things like lobster grilled cheese with butter squash sauce, fresh Italian fusion wonton soup or Aztec inspired fish tacos be confined to just sit down restaurants in expensive zip codes. Now you can get them on any corner, any time of day. Why should your game table be any different?

We are launching a new line of vehicles to fill this gap. Each truck is scaled for 28mm heroic to 35mm for use in games like Batman Miniatures/Marvel Universe Miniatures Game and This is Not a Test. Each kit offers its own unique twist on the game including features like opening doors, side mirrors, and even removable cargo boxes.

Standard Trucks
These are the workhorses of the world. Able to service a wide range of functions there is no limit to how they can be used with any game system. 

Style 1 - Multi-window with awning  MCT-FTS01 $15 

Style 2 - Lazy Ace Food Truck MCT-FTS02 $15 

 Style 3 - Beach Party Box Delivery Van  MCT-FTS03 $15

 Style 4 - Ice cream truck MCT-FTS04 $15

Border Wall Taco Truck    MCT-FTS05 $18

Specialty Trucks
These are trucks designed with a specific purpose of function in mind. Be it armored transport work to transshipping ISO containers these will do it in style. 

Frozen Mountain Cryogenics Truck MCT-STS10 $18 

Armored Transport MCT-STS20 $18 

Tantu Audio Box Truck MCT-STS30 $22 

Flatbed Transport Truck, 1/38 scale car not included MCT-STS31 $22 

Long Wheelbase Box Truck, ISO container, and vehicles not included 
MCT-STS32 $24

Optional Accessories
ISO containers
Liquid Storage ISO Container 2 pack,   ISO-LS02 $25
Modern End Door Container 2 pack,   ISO-MED02 $25
Open Topped Container 2 pack,   ISO-OTC02 $25

Sci-Fi ISO Container 2 Pack,  ISO-SF02 $25

Custom Engraved blank container boxes, ISO-BCE01 $14

Parking Meter Kit, 9 pack  SCT-PM01  $5

Ice Machine, 2 pack  SCT-IM01  $5
Vending Machine Pack 1, 4 pieces  SCT-VM01 - $12

Dumpster and Recycle Bin, 2 pack  SCT-DR01  $10

Playground Pack 1, SCT-PG01   $15

Metro Stop Bench, SCT-MSB01 $8

Bus Shelter  SCT-BS01  $7

Tire walls, SCT-TW01  $10

Small Billboards, 2 pack  SCT-BB02  $15

Construction Site Generator/Welder   MCCS-GW01 $10 

Giant Penny, MCGP-01 $7

Oil/Water Pumping Station WRR-OPS01 $12