Monday, April 21, 2014

New Products - Combat Slide Rulers

Movement and measuring are the bases for almost every miniatures game. Accurate measurement is always an issue with most tools. This is even more true when you have to move around obstacles. We have all see that magical 7-10 inch move or that unit that is magically out of range be in range at the beginning of the next turn. We hope our new Combat Slide Rulers will lessen the times those things happen.

The Combat Slide Rulers are designed to allow you to move models in 1 inch increments easily and accurately. Each ruler is sized for a specific model base from 25-65mm. All measurements are taken from the front edge of the base for consistency. Change direction with a model is even easier. Just move the model the desired distance then pivot the ruler around the model and complete the move. 

Each ruler includes a 2 inch section for checking model spacing for things like unit cohesion or threat range. The 30-40mm MP5 model also includes a 1" section for checking close combat range or reach.  

These all acrylic rulers are available as a 4 ruler set or individually and in 11 different standard colors (red, blue, yellow, green, purple, clear, black, florescent yellow, florescent orange, florescent green and florescent pink. 

Combat Slide Rulers
P90 Combat Ruler

25-40mm P90 Combat Ruler, CR2540-P90  $6
MP5 Combat Ruler
30-40mm MP5 Combat Ruler, CR3040-MP5  $6
Flintlock Combat Ruler
50mm Flintlock Combat Ruler, CR50FLNT  $6
Derringer Combat Ruler
60mm Derringer Combat Ruler, CR50DRGR  $6
Combat Ruler 4 Piece Set, CR2560Set $20

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