Monday, May 12, 2014

New Products- Welcome to Rock Ridge 2.0


The Ballad Of Rockridge
There was a peaceful town called Rockridge
Where people lived in harmony
They never had no kind of trouble 
There was no hint of misery

Welcome to Rock Ridge. After a fiasco with the railroad we decided to move the town down the road a little bit to be. Now we have more room to roam and the town is growing like a weed. We now have a new clock tower and railway station. They just found gold south of town and we are building a new mine. Yep the town is growing. We are still the same people and have even kept the orange roof on Howard Johnson's out house. Come on in and set a spell at RJ's Gaming hall, or better yet, the Feisty Cowgirl. Just don't get too rowdy. Boris the hangman has one of his finest neckties always at the ready.

Welcome to Rock Ridge is a rebirth of our old west terrain series. All the buildings have been refreshed with new designs, floors and greater versatility. They are now scaled to better fit games from 25-35mm like Malifaux, Wild West Exodus, Dead Man's Hands and Blackwater Gulch. The buildings are now in broken into categories, scatter terrain, standard buildings and features buildings. At each level the buildings get bigger and more elaborate to fit any table design and scale.

Scale is the biggest issue with allot of gamers and we have come up with what we feel is the best way to address this. All the doors, windows and floor heights are standard so buildings can easily be lined up together. Porches and overhangs are all the same depth and even small details like stair cases and ladders have been designed with gameplay in mind first.

Feature Buildings

Rock Ridge Bank

The Rock Ridge Bank is the first in a line of full interior buildings for Burn In Designs. The kit is designed with a full set of walls on both the first ans second floors. Including elements and details perfect for RPG or table top gaming use. The set has a room layout designed to mimic a period bank with a separation between patrons and tellers, intermediary security gates and a gated vault space. The second floor is designed as living or office space.

Rock Ridge Central Bank   WRR-CNTBK01  $78

RJ's Gaming Hall

Welcome to the best gaming hall in the territory. With the best games and even better girls, you can't go wrong at RJ's.
Set shown with optional deluxe custom signage and custom shingles, sold separately. As a feature building the set measures 16" square and is 2 stories tall with full open interior ready for you to add your own dressings as needed. The set is the perfect centerpiece for any old west game.
Rock Ridge RJ's Gaming Hall WRR-AGH01  $80

OTB Livery Stable

 Need your horse shoed, wagon fixed or just a quick recharge on your iron pony, they have you covered. OTB Livery Stable is a composite building giving you multiple ways set it up. The set includes 4 structures, 2 wing stables, rear out building and the main barn structure. The main structure has a partial interior appropriate to the style of the old west with a front loft area, rear work area and a removable balcony level. The set also includes sliding main doors with a large 4" opening for moving models in and out along with front and rear swinging upper doors.
Rock Ridge OTB Livery Stables-full set WRR-OTBLFS01 $115
Rock Ridge OTB Livery Stable-main barn WRR-OTBMB01 $60
Rock Ridge OTB Livery Stable-rear building WRR-OTBRB01 $20
Rock Ridge OTB Livery Stable-side stable WRR-OTBSS01 $20

Iron Horse Railway Station

With regular trains at 11:20 to Largo, 3:10 to Yuma, 6:08 to Deadwood and a 10:22 to Rosewood the town is becoming a major through port. Trust Iron Horse Railway. Bandit free travel.
Iron Horse Railway Station WRR-IHRS01 $45

Rock Ridge Church

The church is the latest addition to the Welcome to Rock Ridge terrain line. This building is designed to pull the set forward into a more established town instead of just a frontier village. The set includes some new features that you will be seeing in future sets. The set is designed on a raised base to give the look of a stonework foundation. It has a removable roof with roof rafters to give it a more complete feel. Lastly it includes furnishings to round out the package.

Rock Ridge Church    WRR-CHRCH01  $48

Tarasco Bar

Welcome to the Tarasco Bar. You know how there are those places just outside of town for a reason. This is one of them. This kit was is part of the Santo Poco sets of adobe buildings. This building includes a movable partition wall in the first level and a L shaped bar. The second floor/roof area is accessible by an external staircase. The building ships with 3 different signs , El Tarasco Bar, The Last Draw and The Lazy Ace. You can also custom order a name to fit you game table.

Tarasco Bar (WRR-ETB01 $45)

Standard Buildings

Unlike the feature buildings where you will likely only need 1 for any given table these are the staple of any town. Each building designed to allow you to build any type of town from a run down mine shanty to a mutli-story city. Each set come with options allowing you to customize the build so even multiple copies of the same building don't have to look the same eliminating the cookie cutter, planned settlement look you get with some sets.

Rock Ridge Hooves Smokehouse WRR-HSH01 $22

Rock Ridge Log Cabin Bunkhouse WRR-LCB01 $35

Rock Ridge Storehouse WRR-SH01 $20

Rock Ridge Single Story Brick Building WRR-SSB01 $15
Rock Ridge Jail upgrade for SSB01 WRR-UJSSB01 $10

Rock Ridge Single Story Wood Building WRR-SSW01 $20

Rock Ridge Single Story Wood Building 2 WRR-SSW02 $20

Rock Ridge Two-Story Wood Building WRR-TSW01 $35

Rock Ridge Small Log Cabin WRR-SLC01 $15

Rock Ridge Shanty Town WRR-ST01 $20

Rock Ridge Small Gallows WRR-GLW01 $10

Rock Ridge 4 slot Gallows WRR-GLW04 $18

Rock Ridge Water Tower WRR-WT01 $20

Rock Ridge Watch Tower WRR-TWT01 $24

Rock Ridge Clock Tower WRR-TCT01 $24
Shown with optional acrylic clockwork upgrade, sold separately 

Rock Ridge Bell Tower WRR-TBL01 $24
shown with optional wooden bell, sold separately

Rock Ridge Windmil WRR-WM01 $10

Scatter Terrain

All the parts needed to flesh out a town and give you that always needed cover from inbound bullets and arrows.
Tables and Chairs 1 (WRR-Furn01 $8) - 4 picnic tables, 4 round tables, 12 chairs

Couches and End Tables 1 (WRR-Furn02 $8) - 3 Chase lounges, 4 couches, 8 end tables

Side boards and hutches (WRR-Furn03 $8) - 3 long sideboards, 2 hutches, 4 short sideboards

Beds (WRR-Furn04 $8) - 2 double beds, 4 single beds and 4 side tables 

Casino Set 1 (WRR-Furn05 $15) - 1 curved poker table/bar, 5 bar stools, 1 craps table, 2 round tables, 8 chairs, 1 small safe, 1 3" bar section, 1 chip/pay window cage, 1 sign board, 1 gaming spin wheel

Casino Set 2 (WRR-Furn09 $10) - 2 pool tables, 2 roulette tables and 2 poker/blackjack tables

Piano set (WRR-Furn06 $5) - 2 pianos and stools

The Safe (WRR-Furn07 $5) - 2" bank safe

Bonus Chairs (WRR-Furn08 $5) - 2 oversize chairs, 4 rocking chairs

Crate and Pallet Bundle WRR-CPBDL01 $15
Includes 1 each of the large, small and tall crate packs
large crate pack WRR-CPLG01 $10
Includes 3 crates and 3 pallets
small crate pack WRR-CPSM01 $10
Includes 12 crates and 3 pallets
tall crate pack WRR-CPTL01 $10
Includes 5 crates and 5 pallets

barrel pack, 4 pieces WRR-BRL01 $10 
shipping coffins, 4 pieces WRR-SCFN $10

Gaslight Boardwalk Set (WRR-GLBS01 $12)

Rock Ridge Fences-Stacked logs, 35 - 2.5" sections WRR-XF03 $10
Rock Ridge Fences-Plank, 5 - 4.5" sections  WRR-XF02 $10
Rock Ridge Fences-cross brace, 8- 6" sections WRR-XF01 $10

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Be sure to bring dimes for the toll road.