Thursday, October 4, 2018

New Product: Prison Break Set

Prison Break Set

We thought we would be safe here. Hard to believe a place designed to keep people in, could be better used to keep people out...mostly.

The Metro City Prison is part of a new set of modular kits designed for easy movement inside and outside of the building. Based on this modular design you can start the basic 6 cell kit and expand it to 12 cells, add high-security cells, and connectors to other buildings to create an entire prison complex. The standard cells include opening doors and bars, high-security cells have solid walls and doors.

Complete Building Sets
We have prepared some basic kits to get you started building your prison set. Each set includes all the major sub kits and parts needed to create a complete building.

Metro City 6-Cell Prison Building
 MCPB-6PB01 $36, Includes 3 upper cells, 3 lower cells, side stair set, building front
Metro City 12-Cell Prison Building
 MCPB-12PB01 $73, Includes 6 upper cells, 6 lower cells, side stair set, extra floor section.

Metro City 12-Cell High-Security Wing
MCPB-12PB02 $77, includes 6 high-security cells, 6 standard cells, w side stair set, end stair set, and door.
Metro City Prison Guard Tower
MCPB-GT01 $25, Includes the main tower with a 6x6" catwalk, removable roof, exterior security door, and front gate control house.

Individual Kits
Metro City Prison Bridge 
 MCPB-PBB $12, includes bridge walkway and exterior door

Metro City 6 Side Stair Set
 MCPB-PSS01 $12, includes stairway with an exterior door

Metro City 6 Front Stair Set
MCPB-PES01 $18, includes stairway with 2 exterior doors
Metro City 6 Standard Prison Cells
MCPB-6PB03 $25, Includes 3 upper cells and 3 lower cells
Metro City 6 High-Security Prison Cells
MCPB-6PB02 $25, Includes 3 upper cells and 3 lower cells

Metro City Prison Beds and Toilets
MCPB-6AC01 $12, Includes 6 prison beds and 6 sink/toilet combos

Metro City Security doors
 MCPB-4SCD01 $10, Includes 4 high security doors.

Each kit is shipped flat and can be assembled in minutes. As will all our kits custom engraving is available. To order a set email us at BURNINDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM or to find out more and stay on top of our new releases please  "like" us on Facebook at