Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Product - Energy Barricades

Powercell level......98%
Pulse Frequency....876GHz
Weapon Sync.........Active
System....................Armed, Awaiting Deployment

COM Squad Command: GO! GO! GO!

Quickly we run forward taking our covering positions ready for the battle ahead. Once there we see our foe in the distance rushing towards us. The next command appears on my HUD.

COM Squad Command: Deploy Defensive Shielding

As one we all deploy our shields and with a metallic hum and flash of light the photonic defense wall is active and already analyzing enemy fire and deflecting it with timed burst from is repulser field. With the shields in place we begin to return fire fully knowing this battle was already won. The combat engineering team earned their pay with this little toy.

Today we look at a new defensive wall system to complement the Laser Defense Walls. This time around we have a new smaller version based on the idea of a deploy-able shielding system similar to the one in the video game Halo. The idea was to create a man portable shield that could be quickly deployed and fit squarely in the thigh tech world of Sci-Fi.

This kit includes 8 sections of shielding in 2 different sizes, 4-2" and 4-5". Each kit gives 28" of cover and is available in, clear, frosted white, dark grey and the florescent colors of green, orange, blue and pink.

Energy Barricade - EnBC-S1   $20

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