Monday, May 9, 2016

New Products - Platform Kits

Shared Platform Kits Series

The Shared Platform Series gives you a group of unified, field ready kits perfect for military/scifi games. The idea behind them is to match the unified platform approach you see in modern warfare with interchangeable units sharing common features. This will be a continually growing set

Modern Searchlight Kit 

 The perfect way to light up the battle field or signal a crime fighter for a conversation. This kit is designed with LED lighting in mind and can easily be combined with Powered play lighting kits, not included. The kit is 2 parts, the light platform and the generator.

MSLK-001  $20

Communications Platform Kit
Based on the same platform as the Search Light kit, the Communications Platform extends the design for military/scifi applications. The dish rotates and tilts allowing you to customize its position or even incorporate its movement into your games.

MCAK-001 $20

Missile Platform
coming soon

Heavy Mortar Platform
coming soon

Pulse Weapon Platform
coming soon

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