Thursday, May 19, 2016

New Product - Welcome to Rock Ridge Bookstore

New Product - Welcome to Carolina's Bookstore

Why a bookstore? That is all I every get asked. Why a bookstore? Why, the answer might as well be beating you over the head. I love books. It is a nice quiet place that I can read and drink my tea and occasionally sell a book or two. Now excuse me I have some dusting to do.

Carolina's Bookstore is one of the newest establishment on the edge of Rock Ridge and Santo Poco. It is the only one for 50 miles and does a surprising amount of business for its location. I has a nice open feel perfect for relaxing the day away at.

What kind of person would rob a bookstore?

This is the first building in the Santo Poco section of Rock Ridge. Buildings in this set will all have a south western, adobe design. The goal is to give you a more complete, unified feel to the town. The set is based on a 2 story, full interior building with balconies front and rear. There is a trap door leading from the rear balcony to the flat roof.

Inside the building there are removable book cases, a sales counter and a cash register along with a staircase leading to the second floor. The second floor features extra tall, round topped windows and doors. Combine this set with the furniture sets and you have the makings for a very details and narrative heavy game.

Carolina's Bookstore (WRR-CBS01 $45)

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