Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Products - Welcome to Rock Ridge Extras

Time to strap on your 6 beans and a wheel ans saddle up for your ride into Rock Ridge to check in on the people and see how the town has grown. They have added a few improvements to the town including a couple of new larger buildings and extras to add more detail and fit that old west feel. Sadly no 2D people or toll both yet but we don't have to worry about anyone pulling a number 6 on the town either.

All kits are constructed from birch plywood for durability and easy modification. Standard items across all kits include regular and saloon style doors, standardized overhangs, window trim options and engraved panels.

The Storehouse
Now that the town is growing up you need a good solid store house to keep goods safe. This one also doubles as a jail from time to time. It has an engraved brick pattern for added detail and a removable flat roof. It is double the width of the current single story brick building and compatible with all the original release options.

The Hooves Smokehouse
Beef jerky, 2c, buffalo ribs 1$, smoked hog $5. All we sell is meat here and sorry chicken don't count. Hooves Smokehouse is the place to go for all your meat processing needs. This building is an all wood structure with a flat roof and board and batten design. The high windows on all 4 sides can be filled to make a completely enclosed structure or modified to let more light in. This is a full floor building without the porch that you see on the other buildings. This building is it can be paired with the storehouse to add a second story. The combination makes an excellent jail or police station with the prisoners up high where they can't easily escape.

Crates and pallets
What would the old west be without a livery stable for shipping goods. Well at the same time what is a livery stable without crates? Well now we have crates. The crates come in different sizes and are fully engraved with board patterns to add to the effect.
small crate pack - 12 small (.75 x .75") crates and 3 pallets  WRR-CPSM01 $TBD
large crate pack - 3 large (1.25 x1.25") crates and 3 pallets  WRR-CPLG01 $TBD
tall crate pack - 5 tall (1.5 x .75") crates and 5 pallets WRR-CPTL01 $TBD
Crate and Pallet Bundle - All 3 packs (WRR-CPSM01, WRR-CPLG01, WRR-CPTL01)  WRR-CPBDL01 $TBD

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