Monday, February 11, 2013

New Products - Scifi Street Dressing Kit

No more empty streets. That is the theme with this set. If you look at most city tables unless they are battle damaged, there is very little in the way of street dressing beyond the occasional 'jersey barrier' or collection of random crates. This set it designed to expand your choices with things that you would normally find on the street. 

The set includes 4 items, street lights, a bus/tram stop, street display cube and lighted bench/planters. All the item are themed to tie in with the current scifi sets but will work with most tables. There are 4 sets in this launch as well as a mega pack that includes all the smaller kits.

  • Street Dressing 1 - 8 Street lights with clear acrylic toppers and 6 5" railing sections SSDK1 - $10 
  • Street Dressing 2 - 6 Street lights with clear acrylic toppers and 2 bus/tram stations SSDK2 - $10
  • Street Dressing 3 - 2 Street display cubes SSDK3 - $10 
  • Street Dressing 4 -  3 Lighted park bench seat planters SSDK4 - $10
  • Street Dressing Combo 1 - Includes Street Dressing Kits 1-4 SSDKC - $36
To order a set email us at BURNINDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM or to find out more and stay on top of our new releases please  "like" us on Facebook at

Street Display Cubes just add your own artwork to fit your setting.

Bus/Tram Seating
Bus / Tram Seating

Lighted Park Bench Planter

Street light

 * models shown for scaling. not included with the kits