Thursday, February 7, 2013

Assembly Instructions - Scifi Apartment Module

The Scifi Apartment Modules from The Mews at Windsor Heights set were designed for rapid assembly and easy modification. 


  • 150-220 grit sand paper
  • hobby knife
  • PVA glue
  • masking tape, rubber bands or clamps
  • damp rag or paper towels

The parts are ready to assemble as they are shipped but we recommend you give them a light sanding with some 150 or 220 sand paper to remove any cut marks from the laser. We recommend using an electric palm sander for this because it is faster but a basic sanding block will work fine as well. You only need to sand the flats and not the wedges. The laser leaves a very clean edge that is normally free of splinters and we try to catch and clean up any before the items are shipped. If you do find one though, you can clean it up with either sand paper or a hobby knife. 
For glue, I recommend  Aleene's Original Tacky Glue is the best glue ever made for craft projects like this. It doesn't run and gives you plenty of wiggle room for alignment. It also is easier to control and clean up than regular PVA glue. The tape, rubber bands and clamps are just for holding parts as you assemble then and let the glue set.

Begin by laying out all the parts and grouping them together. The kit is designed with extra pieces to allow you to  modify the design to suit your needs. The parts shown are the essential pieces needy to build the unit. Most cutout will easily fall out but occasionally they need a little encouragement. Use a hobby knife to score the wood and remove the parts.

Lay out the top, bottom and 2 sides. If you want to make the units with opening roofs then the parts are scored to make this modification easier. The biggest thing to remember if you do is to make the parts mirror images of each other otherwise parts will not line up correctly.

If you want to use the ladder option on the units there are also locations to need to be clipped as shown to allow the ladder to fit. 

With the parts cleanup complete slot the 2 sides into the bottom piece as shown and secure them with glue.

Next add the front and back pieces and secure them with glue. 

Finally attach the top piece to complete the basic box. If you decided to make the units open then do not glue this piece in place. Just set the entire unit aside to dry. I recommend using a rubber band to hold it all together while the glue dries. 

 Next attach the 8 magnet blocks to the top and bottom of the unit. The spaces are designed to accept 1/4" dia x 1/8" thick magents. As always with magnets be careful with the polarity if you want to stack multiple units together. 

The kit includes 2 balconies. The only time you will really need both is if you are building a stand alone unit that will not be added to the stacking tower.

Glue the parts together as shown.

If the balcony is for a ground level unit cut out the center section using a hobby knife.

The kit includes 2 different door designs that can be added to the kit. Additional door designs will also be made available at a later date to for further customization.