Thursday, December 20, 2012

WIP - Scifi Apartment Module

Just completed the first test cuts on the apartment module and other than some minor tweaks things are right on schedule. The module is designed to stack in the tower or to stack alone using magnets. Scale is matched to the GW terrain sets so it is a bit oversized. This works well though for placement as it keeps you from bumping pieces when you move miniatures.

The window acrylic are just an example and I think I am going to leave them out of the final package for cost reasons. This will open a few more possibilities for users since they can chose the window color to match their table.

There is still more work on this one. I need to decide on some additional textures for parts to dress things up a bit. I also need to increase the parts density to get the cut time down a bit. The faster the cut the lower the price. So what do you think. Is this a step in the right direction? Are there things that need to change? What would you like to see?