Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Welcome and New Products

Hello and welcome to the Burn In Designs Blog / Product announcement page.

Burn In Designs is my new workshop and hobby outlet for laser cut table top gaming aids, terrain projects and general laser cut projects. The goal of this is to offer you new options that may not be available through other sources. Most products offered can be custom engraved or cut  to match your army. We also handle custom projects, built to order and to your specifications.

Here are some examples of our work and product offerings. If you see anything you like or have questions about custom projects, email us at BURNINDESIGNS @ GMAIL.COM.

50 pot paint rack

50 Pot Paint Rack

This is our 50 pot paint tray. It will hold 25 paints per tray. Each tray is cut to support both the old GW hex pots or the new GW round pots. The trays are also available for P3 and Reaper paints.

The overall size is for the unit is 11x10x6 inches. This way it gives a bunch of storage in the smallest possible space. The trays can be pivoted slightly to make getting to the ones at the back easier.

Custom engraving on the front of each tray is offered at no additional cost. We also offer it in several different acrylic colors in addition to the plywood seen here.

Collapsible Dice Roller 

Collapsible Dice Roller

Our Collapsible Dice Roller is a small 5x7" dice roller that will easily fit in you miniatures case. The unit is available in acrylic or wood and supports most standard die sizes. 

The unit is pre-drilled for magnets to make transport and use easier. This one is offered with custom engraving and just supply your own black and white line art or have us design a look for you. 

Again welcome to Burn In Designs and we hope you come back to see what we come up with next.