Monday, April 23, 2012

Adepticon is over now and I learned allot about gamers

Just got back form Adepticon and it is time to start releasing some new stuff. I decided that I needed to ask more gamers what they really want to see and their thoughts on the existing products I have been making. Talk about a loaded question. Everyone I spoke with loved the stuff I was already doing and had great suggestions on new stuff to add. Most were great and doable, a few were a little grand and way to difficult to accomplish, and their was one that, well, lets just say there are some things I will not be making at any cost. On second thought, if we are talking a number followed by 6 zeros, and the check clears we can talk.

Back on target. I spoke with allot of gamers to get their ideas on what they would like to see. The biggest thing I heard from them were low prices and customization. Both are things that are close to my idea for the direction of Burn In Designs. Next was broken flight stand complaints and finally stuff for the pro painter.

So with that information I started designing and making prototypes. So coming soon I will be showing off, new things like custom fit vehicle flight stands, miniatures carry trays, new marker shapes, custom turn and damage counter, paint and brush tray systems and even carry cases for those wonderful Crystal Brush and Golden Demon minis. So watch this space because big things are coming.