Friday, December 21, 2012

WIP - TMAWH Scifi Habitat Unit

This is the second update for the scifi apartment complex and it is about 95% ready. I just need to set the final list of items that will be included in the kit. Shown here are the tower and the engraved habitat blocks. The tower is designed to hold 3 units with the lower garage space or 4 if you remove the garage. Right now the kit includes extra railing and streetlights to help flesh out the building. Overall height is 13.5" so it is not a small piece of terrain. There is more to come so stay close by. The set will be live sooner than you think.


  1. Do you need the circle inside the hex on the landing platform area? It looks a bit busy to me. the texturing on that is fine

  2. Do the doors open? if not it would be great if they did. I'll take some of theses either way!

  3. Are these for sale? I cant see them on the product list!

    1. Yes. Everything pictured on the blog is available for sale. Just email us the parts you are interested in.