Sunday, December 30, 2012

Desktop Lanterns

Sometimes you just have to do a project for the love of it. These lanterns are that for us. Rather than do only the traditional version we decided to mix things up. So besides the traditional scroll-work and abstract designs we are offering a few geek specific models. Currently we have Mystery Science Theater 3000, Pac-Man and Dr. Who themed designs with more being added daily. If there is something you are interested in see let us know. The lanterns are done is several different sizes and the patterns can be adapted to each size. We also offer custom designs as shown with the one we did for The Screaming Heretics podcast.

The kit are all made from Baltic birch plywood allowing you to either paint or stain them to get the color you want. The final piece to finishing the kits is the insert material. The traditional option is parchment or wax paper but we also offer frosted and clear acrylics in various colors. With about 20 different options we should be able to find a color that suits your needs.

When ordering you will need to select the size, pattern or theme and if you want acrylic inserts. Units shown below are shown as pricing examples. Contact us directly for updated pricing. 

Small Lantern (3x3x3") Sold in pairs - SLANT3x3 $10
Medium Lantern (3.5x3.5x6") MLANT4x4 $15
Large Lantern (5x5x7) LLANT5X5 - $20
Tall  Lantern (4.5x4.5x10") TLANT4x4 - $25

Acrylic inserts - email for pricing and availability

Large Lantern (5x5x7) LLANT5X5 - $20 + $10 for engraved acrylic inserts
Scroll-work Large Lantern $20 + $10 for engraved acrylic inserts

MST3K Medium Lantern $15
Tardis Medium Lantern $15

Sample Custom Designed Screaming Heretic Medium lantern  $30