Monday, April 30, 2012

New Products - Skirmish / Model Transport Trays

The likelihood that you will be stationed on the same table for a full 3 or 4 game tournament is very small. Eventually you are going to have to move to another table. Now the problem, grab the models by the handfull and move them usually scratching the paint you spent hours painting, take 10 minutes to put you army back in the case and move it then scramble to get it all unpacked before the next round starts or uses a book or other make shift tray to move them. Well here is a new option, custom cut and engraved transport trays. The trays are available sized from 5x7" for low model count games through a maximum size of 9x13" for larger model counts. Design is fully customizable with you chosing the size and layout for all the models. We also offer a few standard layouts. All trays include carry handles and have a soft EVA foam backing  to help eliminate sliding. As always custom engraving is available for all designs. Prices start at $8 for the smallest tray and go through $20 for the largest tray with pre-cut magnet holes for safer storage.

Blank basic tray - 15 40mm / 4 60mm slots

Custom Robotech Tray Design

Custom Robotech Tray Design