Friday, May 4, 2012

New prototype - Lego Minifig Display Case

I got a request from a friend that for a display case for his Lego Minifig collection. After talking with him a little more about it and doing a bit of research I started work on one. The first thing I discovered was the case would be really small. Each set is 16 figures and they are only 1.5 inches tall. This makes the case roughly 4 inches tall and 8 inches wide. This left allot of room to play with in the design. I decided to go with a 3 sided acrylic design on a wood back plate. The top, shelves and bottoms are all clear. This allows light to flood through the case making the models easier to see. It also has the added benefit of easily adding LED lighting to the case without it interfering with normal viewing.

This is still a prototype and the design will change a little. One thing I want to try with is making the cases stack-able. I am also thinking on scaling it up a little to fit standard gaming minis. Also I am thinking on a 4 level unit. For now here is the prototype. Tell me what you think?