Saturday, September 17, 2016

Painter's Workstation and Trays

Master Collection Painter's Workstations

Keeping your paint supplies together and easy to reach can be a problem. It can become even more of a problem when you start to work on multiple projects or several minis at once. We have come up with a simple rack to make things a little easier and hopefully simplify things for you. 

Painters Workstation

The set is designed to fit in with our Hobby Master Collection storage system and allows you to reuse two of  your existing half trays from that system or add new trays as needed. The rack includes 6 model painting holders for for easier painting and also doubles as a drying rack. 
MCS-WS01, 6 model holders & workstation     $35

Triple Tray Workstation

If you need a little more room to spread out your paints then we also have a wide paint workstation designed to hold 3 half paint trays or 1 each of the full and half trays.  
MCS-WS02,  workstation     $20

The basis for all of this is the Master Collection Tray, MCT. The MCTs are  units cut in a pattern to fit the various parts as needed. They come it 2 sizes a full tray, 9x11x1" and  half tray 9x5x1". Cut patterns are set for paint from virtually all manufacturers from traditional small through tall dropper bottles. Each tray snaps together without glue. Full trays hold 48 dropper or 30 GW sized paints, 24 and 15 for half trays. The specialty hobby tray includes space for a 4" ceramic tile pallet, not included, 11 model stand/handles and slots for 6 paint pots.

Master Collection Paint Tray - GW FullMCT-GWF116
Master Collection Paint Tray - GW half trayMCT-GWH112
Master Collection Paint Tray - Dropper Bottle FullMCT-DBF116
Master Collection Paint Tray - Dropper Bottle half trayMCT-DBH112
Master Collection Hobby TrayMCT-HT118

Model Paint Holder 

Each model holder is designed with a holding loop for extra bracing, comes pre-drilled for magnets to make it easier to mount models.
MCS-MH03,  3 pack model holders    $20

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