Friday, April 17, 2015

New Products - Rock Ridge Church

Meeting at the Rock Ridge Church 

Welcome back to Rock Ridge. The town keeps growing and they just put the new steeple on the church and they have begun construction on the new railway. Times are changing.

The church is the latest addition to the Welcome to Rock Ridge terrain line. This building is designed to pull the set forward into a more established town instead of just a frontier village. The set includes some new features that you will be seeing in future sets. The set is designed on a raised base to give the look of a stonework foundation. It has a removable roof with roof rafters to give it a more complete feel. Lastly it includes furnishings to round out the package.

Rock Ridge Church    WRR-CHRCH01  $48

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Special thanks to James Wappel for the excellent work you did supplying the painted version of the church. I can't wait to see with you do with the rest of the town.