Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Skyway Project new Kickstarter pledge level - Landing Party

When Burn In Designs started the Skyway Project Kickstarter, we thought we covered every possible combination when we designed the pledge levels. Then we started getting questions and opening up more discussions with backers and found out we needed to expand the project a little further. We added more kits and expanded the possibilities to match this demand. Now we have gone back and add more combinations and pledge levels. I present the Landing Party pledge level.
At $105 and above, we have added a 4 pack of apartment modules and lander platforms. This is the perfect set for people that have terrain but just want to add to it or are still on the fence about the whole Skyway package. When you get your pledge survey you will be given the option to chose which 4 kits you would like from the current 5, soon to be 6  or 7 different sets.
The set will tie into the rest of our Scifi terrain line and still fit at home in your current scifi terrain collection. The kits include bonus items as well like communications dishes, extra signage and furniture as well as any stretch goals we reach throughout the Kickstarter.
Not bad and to think we still have 25 days left. What will come next? Join us and find out.

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