Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year and New Kits

Hello and Happy New Year!!!

This will be the 3rd year for Burn In Designs and we are going to make it bigger than last year. This year we are going to be releasing allot of new stuff as well as refreshing some of the older kits. We will be posting more previews so you can get a better feel for what we will be releasing. We want to interact with you more this year on both Facebook and Twitter as well as here and via email. Our business is driven by your request. Without your involvement we can't design pieces you want to see.

Here are a few of the pieces you will see released soon as part of the Return to Rock Ridge relaunch. Rock Ridge has been a popular little town that has been steadily growing turning it into our top seller. Even so there is always room for more stuff. After all the 3 basic designs are nice but they have a few short comings. They are very versatile and as is give plenty of options to make each one unique but the with only 3 basic shapes you have allot of repeat buildings. Lets change that with these.

Log Cabin Bunk House

Water Tower

4 Man Gallows / Bandstand

2 Story Livery Stable w/ <you will have to wait to find out>

RJ's Gaming Hall and "Hotel"

We think these will expand the town rather nicely. But something is missing. The orange roof on Howard Johnson's outhouse? People? 

NO! We need a whole mess of dimes for this one.

That should be enough for now. Stay tuned for the new releases and thank you again last year was great and this year will be even better.