Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Preview - Welcome to Rock Ridge

There was a peaceful town called Rockridge
Where people lived in harmony
They never had no kind of trouble 
There was no hint of misery.

Welcome to Rock Ridge, Burn In Designs newest terrain set. The idea behind the set it to recreate that old west feel for you tabletop games. The pieces are scaled for 28mm miniatures and include enough options to customize each building with doors, windows and signs to each building unique.

This is a preview of the soon to be released set. The set will include 4 building shapes, 3 different add-ons to make larger buildings and a collection of signs for all the common old west.

The model kits shown are about 95% done. The only things left are to sort pout what extras are included with each kit. The expected release date is October 29, 2012 so stay close.
Basic single story with peaked roof

Doors can be modeled open or closed.

GW models shown for scale purposes only.

GW models shown for scale purposes only.

Example sign shapes. Custom engraving available as part of the set.