Saturday, October 20, 2012

Assembly Instructions Zombicide Card Box

The Zombicide Token Set and Card Box has been out for a while and judging from the sales will be in production for some time to come. So rather that bore everyone with a block of intro text that seldom gets read lets just dive into assembling the kit.

  • 150-220 grit sand paper
  • hobby knife
  • PVA glue
  • masking tape or clamps
  • damp rag or paper towels

The parts are ready to assemble as they are shipped but we recommend you give them a light sanding with some 150 or 220 sand paper to remove any cut marks from the laser. We recommend using an electric palm sander for this because it is faster but a basic sanding block will work fine as well. You only need to sand the flats and not the wedges. The laser leaves a very clean edge that is normally free of splinters and we try to catch and clean up any before the items are shipped. If you do find one though, you can clean it up with either sand paper or a hobby knife.

For glue, I recommend  Aleene's Original Tacky Glue is the best glue ever made for craft projects like this. It doesn't run and gives you plenty of wiggle room for alignment. It also is easier to control and clean up than regular PVA glue. The tape and clamps are just for holding parts as you assemble then and let the glue set. For this build I didn't need either but they were nice to have just in case and to speed things up if you don't like watching glue dry.

Now that we have our assembly tools and the parts are clean we can begin. If you have ever flattened a cardboard  box allot of this will look familiar to you. If not no worries, just follow the pictures.

First we are going to assemble the lid. Lay out the parts as shown. Note that the lid is engraved on 1 side. You want the engraving face down when you start assembly.

Apply a small amount of glue to the tabs and carefully align the side pieces as shown. You will need to repeat this process with all for sides.

When done set the piece aside to dry and you are ready to build the main box.

This time there are a few more pieces but that go together the same as with the lid. Start by attaching the center divider to the bottom part as shown using a little glue on the tabs.

Next you will need to add the front and back of the box. Again apply a small amount of glue to the tab then stand the pieces up. If you do get glue where you don't want it use a damp rag to remove the it.

With the front and back in place all that are left are the sides. This is the only part where direction matters. You want to make sure to line up the notches on these pieces with the center divider. If they don't line up the the divider cards wont fit correctly. As with the rest just apply a little glue to the tabs then set the in place.

That is it, just set it all aside to dry then you are ready to play. One final recommendation is to seal the wood with some spray sealer. This will keep the pieces from changing color over time. A couple coats off spray varnish is all they need for total protection.

Thanks again, and time to go out an kill some more zombies.