Monday, August 13, 2012

WIP - Zombicide Token Set and Storage

This week Guilitine Games and Cool Mini or Not began shipping Zombicide, a cooperative zombie survival miniatures game. This game follows on the heels of their successful launch of Super Dungeon Explore. I got a chance to try the game at Adepticon and immediately signed up for a copy. My copy arrived and after playing a game I saw it as the perfect game for our first full board game token set and got to work.

The set is still in the prototype stage but is very close to completion with only a few pieces to iron out. The complete final set will include card storage and all the tokens necessary to play the game. The set will be available in all wood and combined wood/acrylic. Expected cost for the set is $20-25.

Here are the early samples. The artwork is mainly for testing and will change some before going into production. If you are interested in getting a set contact us at