Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Product - Communications Array

When I finished the bunker I though the roof looked a little blank so I started designing some roof elements. This is the first of those, the communications array.

 This is a 2 part kit. First up is the dish. The dish is adjustable and predrilled for a 0.125 in rod or magnets to allow the dish to tilt up and down. The base is also predrilled to allow it to rotate right and left. The entire dish assembly sits on a engraved base that can easily be adapted to most terrain or used as is on the roof of a building.

The second part of the kit is the tower. This is a standard lattice style tower on a square base. Tower is predrilled just like the dish to retain the rotation option. The tower includes a group of small warning signs to further accessorize and modify the kit to fit your table. 

The kit retails for $10 + shipping. To get your own kit email us at


  1. I really like this piece of terrain sir... keep up the great work with that laser

  2. i like the fact this is really scale independant. it can be a base radio/radar for 28mm, a long range strategic one for 15mm, or even an interstellar comm facility for 6mm..

  3. I really love that a lot of your terrain has that sort of open 'sketetal' design rather than using simple blocky solid pieces. It's a nice aesthetic that really sets you apart from some of the various other terrain sets out there. Keep up the good work!