Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New Products - The Firefly Airship

The Firefly Airship

With your head in the clouds and the wind in your hair the Firefly will get you there.

Designed as a short range flyer the Firefly airship it just right for light commuter and reconnoiter flights in dense environments like today's cities. With an improved lift chamber in the lower half of the body and twin 4 cylinder engine pods you have the necessary speed and maneuverability to get you anywhere. The narrow shape and open cockpit that carries up to 4 passengers gives excellent visibility. Take to the skies in the new Firefly airship. *Military versions available via special order only

The Firefly Airship is a new steampunk/anime inspired design. As a tall airship it has a great feel on the table and offers an interesting take on alternate history flight. The kit uses a wooden frame for rigidity and durability and is skinned in 1.5mm thick cardstock to allow for the rounded shape, The top canopy is removable for easier placement of figures and supports up to a 40mm base.

Firefly Airship SPA-FIREFLY01 - $18

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