Sunday, August 28, 2016

New Product - Construction Site

Metro City Construction Site Kits

If you have a city that is growing you have construction. Why should the gaming table be any different? The Metro City construction site kits allow you to enter a new phase in your table building. With construction trailers, bins and heavy equipment trailers you are on your way. There is a construction girder system that gives you the freedom to customize the build site to your specifications. Combine this with the rest of the Metro City kits to add all those small details and scatter terrain that so many tables lack. Oh, and don't forget the Port-a-potty.

Kits like the Construction trailer and bins use the same mounting system and are compatible with the items and mounts for the ISO containers. (

Construction Trailer  MCCS-CT01 $22
Designed for 28mm heroic through 35mm miniatures. Kit includes trailer, support legs and staircase.

Cable Spool Trailer   MCCS-CS01 $10
Designed for 28mm heroic through 35mm miniatures. Kit includes trailer and 3 spools.

Half Height Construction Dumpster 1   MCCS-CD01 $16

Half Height Construction Dumpster 2   MCCS-CD02 $16

Construction Site Generator/Welder   MCCS-GW01 $10

Enclosed Utility Trailer - MCCS-UT01 $10

Enclosed Utility Trailer - MCCS-UT01 $10

Construction Site Girder System (6.4x6.4x11") - MCCS-CSGSTR - $22
Includes 4 long vertical I beams, baseplate and mounts, 16 I beam girders and corner plates.

Jobsite Toilet - MCCS-JT01 $10

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