Thursday, November 26, 2015


It is holiday season and I figured rather than deal with the whole get up at an ungodly hour, fight your way through a crowd of grumpy people to get one of the 4 items they have in stock for the sale you were waiting for I would skip all of that and just give a simple discount. Quick and easy. No secret handshake or limited to stock on hand or any other craziness.

So to start things off I am going to give a 15% off discount on all paint storage systems. This covers the Master Collection sets, the stepped storage systems and the v-store kits . If you have been searching for a new way to store your paints now is the time to tackle that problem.

Lets follow that up with a 10% off on all Welcome to Rock Ridge sets. This includes the package deals. How's that for a nice way to kick off the season with a new table.

The final part is new kits and packages for modern and sci-fi. I have been previewing a few of these over the last few weeks and starting Monday they will be added to the site. So stay tuned for those. They will be listed in their own special page. Holiday Specials!!!

Thanks everyone for a great year!

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