Monday, March 10, 2014

Skyway Kickstarter! 5 Days to go to launch!

5 Days to Launch!

Sample Layouts and Learning More!

I have been getting a few questions about the sets, how they all attach together and when can we get a link to the Kickstarter. 

The last question is the big one and oddly enough the easiest to answer. The final link for the Kickstarter is not ready yet. Kickstarter does not publish the link to any project until it goes live. This is a bit of a problem since we can't give you a direct link to the project until launch on March 15th. So this is a bit of a buzz kill. We can however give you a link to the preview page like we did on the first day of the 10 day countdown. What you didn't see the link? It is there, go ahead and take a look, we'll wait...10 Days to Go!. There is 1 link on the page but you have to look closely to find it. It is at the tail end of the line "10 days to launch of the Skyway Project. " The period at the period at the end of the sentence is underlined. and if you click it you get to the preview page for the launch. Now we know it was a bit of a trick but a few of you found it and contacted us about it and even had us make some changes in the pledge levels and suggestions on stretch goals. Well it is time to let everyone else in. Here it the link.

Now that that is out of the way. How do the sets connect together? Magnets it is all magnets. At the end of each kit there is a bar with locations for 4, 1/4" magnets. We tested several different ideas but magnets were the best option. The 4 magnets are stronger than we need to hold things together as only 2 are needed to hold things together in most situations. The follow up question is are the magnets included with the kits? Yes. Each kit includes 4-8 magnets and a guide for installing them. We also will include an option to buy extras if needed.

The last question was how big are the layout? We took some pictures to shows some sample designs and layouts. We will also be making available paper templates as part of the Kickstarter so you can see the true scale of the parts. 

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you as we get closer to launch.