Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kickstarter Update - 31 days to go and 90% of the way there

What a way to start this project! We are 90% of the way to our goal and haven't finished our first week. Great work on all of you for pledging and helping to get the word out there. There is still a way to go before this is all over and we need to keep it going. Get out and spread the word.

Even though we have completed all the major components of the Skyway System there are still kits we want to release. We have plans for landing platforms, court yards, interior furnishings and more scatter terrain and what we are showing below, new apartment modules.

The basic apartment module in the set is our workhorse kit. It is used in our Muse at Windsor Heights set and offers a simple kit that has a ton of uses. We have been meaning to expand on that for awhile but finally are getting a chance to do that. We have 4 new designs, a storage unit, a garage unit, new small office and the one shown here the large window unit.

The idea with this unit was one of a storefront or garden module. The final design will incorporate a skylight similar to that used in the Skyway Waystation kit. It has a removable roof like the other kits and uses the same magnet based stacking system found on the regular module. It will fit in the Windsor Heights stacking tower so you can easily use it as an upgrade for that kit as well.

Beside the new module we are also working a lander base. This piece give you another way to position modules. The base raises the modules about an inch to an inch and a half. This will let more models use them as cover and adds a little realism to the idea that the modules are quick universal buildings.

Anyway thank you all again and if you haven't done so already, get you pledge in. If you have you can always add to it.

Thank you!