Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Event season prepwork, Adepticon and new product launches

Greetings all. Sorry for the lack of new items and post lately. We have been working hard to get new designs and products ready for market and preparing for out annual visit to Adepticon. As part of this prep work we may be a little slow on responding to emails until the event is over. Sorry in advance if you have sent us an email and it has taken a few days for us to respond. We value your contact and business but sometimes we run out of hours in the day.

The obvious follow up question you are probably asking is "What do you have planned for Adepticon?" This year we are working with a couple of groups to showcase some of the new models for display and maybe a few games. The details are still being set but we will post them once everything is all set. We are planning some give away items for the event and video interviews with players and other vendors for those that can't make it to the event.

Ok that is the little stuff, what is the big stuff? Well we are waiting for final approval on our first Kickstarter project. We hope to have all the details of this in time for an Adepticon launch. More details will follow as things progress.

Lastly the webstore is coming along and should be up at the beginning of May. This should make it a little easier to place orders and allow us to launch new products and even limited run items faster. Currently there are 15 new items that need to be launched that we just haven't had time to add to the site because they are small or don't fit in a full long post. Really you can only write so much about a flight stand or tombstone style marker.

Again, Thank you for your support and patience over the next few weeks. We are working hard to give you new products and improve your gaming experience.