Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Project - The Bunker

This is one of the first in hopefully a long line of 28mm Heroic terrain. First up is the Bunker. This is an old school pill box style bunker. The piece is roughly 7 inches square and 4.5 inches tall. This is on par with the official GW terrain without being too tall and turning into a snipers nest. The roof area will hold 16 tightly packed figs with the idea amount being 10-12 or 5 40mm based figs.

The building includes several options to allow you to customize it to fit your table so included with the kit are 8 rooftop shooting blinds. These are movable and designed to clip to the top edge of the bunker. There are a couple of different roof hatch options and an upgrade option to turn it into a missile silo with 3 different door types, iris style doors, round hatch and traditional rectangle bulk head. Each side of the bunker had 2 firing ports that you can add your own weaponry to to further customize the block.

This kit is wood so it is very durable and should last for years unlike most foam terrain. To finish the kit you will need glue, 220 grit or higher sandpaper and paints. 

The retail price for the kit is $18 plus shipping. For orders of 3 or more the price drops to $15 each. If you are a store or tournament organizer and want a large amount of these for an even please email me. We offer special pricing and additional customization options. The optional missile silo doors are $5 per kit and they include a collection of random signs, symbols and shapes to further customize the bunkers.*

Email us at to order your kits.

Ork invasion not included with the kit.

Dual firing ports on all four sides

I am keeping an eye on you!

8 included in the kit and they are removable.

Both the standard hatch and the bulk head door are included in the base kit.

* Unfortunately the Eagle shown on the sample is not available for sale with the kit. It is shown as an example of the possibilities for customization.