Monday, June 11, 2012

Tournament Prize Support

As a gamer there are 2 things that keep me playing in tournaments. First the great games with new players ans second the prizes. In my case I normally get more of the first one and practically none of the second. The last time I really won a prize at an event was for Advanced D&D and the prize was a copy of the Fiend Folio. Yes, it was that long ago. I still have whats left of the book though.

As part of my way of reaching out to the community I am looking to get in touch with tournament organizers and game shops to make sure other gamers do have prize dry spells like I do. With that in mind if you or your gaming club is running an event and is looking for a little extra prize support we may be able to help you. First up is a standing 20% discount for all event orders and free engraving on custom items. Second is the Gamer  Care Package. This is a collection of small items including bases, various army icons, engraved tokens and marker to give out to your players. The packs are small but are a nice way to make sure no one walks away empty handed. The items are randomly selected by me and will vary based on stock levels. I will try and gear them toward the game system played at the even when possible. I wont be sending out packs of 40K icons to a Car Wars event*.

So what do you need to do to get the package, simple put on a even and place an order. With your order tell me the name of the event and a little about the event. Even better send along a copy of the flyer or the event logo. Email me at BURNINDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM  .

* I still play Car Wars from time to time and hope someday, someone will have an event that it is still played at. Old games need love too.