Friday, June 1, 2012

Robotech-Battletech: Going small to think big

I have had the 25th anniversary edition of Battletech sitting on my shelf still in the shrink wrap since it was released. Well it is finally time to see it get some use. I unpacked the box and immediately had memories of my first games with blocks and small boxes taking the place of buildings, cutting dozens and dozens of large hex shaped hills. Then it hit me, I can do that same thing again only faster this time. Laser cut buildings inbound.

A little research to get the scaling close, some test cuts and buildings start showing up. 

First up is the basic building. It is 6 levels and 2" square. It is sort of your basic apartment complex. The kit comes with enough pieces to add balconies to all floors and 2 different styles of roof grates. 
Battletech and Robotech models in the same game!!! 

Next up is the 2 tower hotel. This is another 6 story model that includes different roof plates including a landing pad design with an H designating it has a hospital.

The bank / stacker building.This is a 3 level design that can be stacked to make taller buildings. Each section is 3 levels high and had adjustable corner blocks and columns so all the buildings don't have to look alike.

Pricing for the buildings  is still being set but the goal is to have an entire 4x4 foot tables worth of buildings for $100 to $150. 

There are still some more buildings I am working on including some mega level skyscrapers and destroyed buildings. 

If you want to be the first to get some feel free to contact us at BURNINDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM.