Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New Products - Welcome to Rock Ridge El Tarasco Bar

Bartender: What do you want?
Guy: Beer.
Bartender: All I got is warm Chango.
Guy: That's my brand. mmm, This is damn good. I'd say this is the best beer I've ever had.
Actually...I'm just glad to be alive right now. I was up a few towns away. I was visiting a bar there. Not unlike this one, they serve beer. Not quite as good as this, but close. And I saw something you wouldn't believe.

Now, this bar...was full of real low-lives. I mean, not like this place here. No, I mean bad. Like they were up to no good, y' know what I'm sayin'? Things are going on. Under-the-table kinds of things. Not too obvious...but not too secret either.

Welcome to the Tarasco Bar. You know how there are those places just outside of town for a reason. This is one of them. This kit was is part of the Santo Poco sets of adobe buildings. This building includes a movable partition wall in the first level and a L shaped bar. The second floor/roof area is accessible by an external staircase. The building ships with 3 different signs , El Tarasco Bar, The Last Draw and The Lazy Ace. You can also custom order a name to fit you game table.

Tarasco Bar (WRR-ETB01 $45)

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  1. 45 bucks? really! what a bargain! Really!

    1. Yes, that's the price. They are also big buildings about 8x10x6" so you are covering allot of table with just a few buildings. This is great since you don't need a whole lot for a 4x6 table and if you are playing on a 4x4 table you have more vertical movement options since it is a 2 story building with flat roofs and places to hide.