Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Skyway Project Kickstater is now live!

Today is the day and we are now live with the Skyway Project Kickstarter!
We have put together a wonderful project and added a great production partner in Germany to service our EU demand. 

The Kickstarter is live now and awaiting your pledge. Join us and take your gaming to a higher level.


  1. Wait, but it's +48 USD for shipping to non-US, meaning shipping to EU too is sooo expensive? I thought with that partner in Germany it would be less. :/

  2. The add on is based on the weight of the packages. At that level you are dealing with a box that weighs over 10 pounds. The issue with shipping form the US was primarily VAT and shipping delays raising the final prices even higher. Having a partner in Germany mitigates some of those issues but not all.