Quick Kits

We are constantly designing new stuff and some of it is either too early to make it into a full release or is designed for an audience of one, namely my personal game table. This section is your chance to see and order some of those small kit. The selection will change allot and will likely contain a little bit of everything as it grows.

To order a set email us at BURNINDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM or to find out more and stay on top of our new releases please  "like" us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BurnInDesigns and follow us on Twitter @BurnInDesigns

Parking Meter Kit, 9 pack  SCT-PM01  $5

Ice Machine, 2 pack  SCT-IM01  $5
Vending Machine Pack 1, 4 pieces  SCT-VM01 - $12

Dumpster and Recycle Bin, 2 pack  SCT-DR01  $10

Playground Pack 1, SCT-PG01   $15

Metro Stop Bench, SCT-MSB01 $8

Bus Shelter  SCT-BS01  $7

Tire walls, SCT-TW01  $10

Small Billboards, 2 pack  SCT-BB02  $15

Construction Site Generator/Welder   MCCS-GW01 $10 

Giant Penny, MCGP-01 $7

Oil/Water Pumping Station WRR-OPS01 $12