Paint Storage

We know paint storage is not a one size fits all  concept. With that in mind we have several different styles of storage units to fit just about any paint pot or desk space you can come up with. From the high density vertical storage of the Hobby Storage Master Collection to the Stepped Storage System or our Expandable Wall Mounted system we have you covered.
Hobby Storage Master Collection
The Hobby Storage Master Collection. The HSMC is a complete modular paint and hobby system designed to tame almost any hobby station.

Each unit is designed to solve a specific issue from paint storage in all it various sizes to small parts management and even model painting sets. With this system you can build the kit as small or large as needed to tame your hobby collection. With less than at 12x10" space they units pack allot of storage in a small amount of space.

The basis for all of this is the Master Collection Tray, MCT. The MCTs are  units cut in a pattern to fit the various parts as needed. They come it 2 sizes a full tray, 9x11x1" and  half tray 9x5x1". Cut patterns are set for paint from virtually all manufacturers from traditional small through tall dropper bottles. Each tray snaps together without glue. Full trays hold 48 dropper or 30 GW sized paints, 24 and 15 for half trays. The specialty hobby tray includes space for a 4" ceramic tile pallet, not included, 11 model stand/handles and slots for 6 paint pots.

Next are the  Master Collection  Storage Units, MCSU. All designed to accept the any number of MCTs as needed. They units can be had in single, 2 and 3 level kits that interlock to create larger units.
The 3 level kit is designed to hold 3 tray for short, non dropper paints with 2.75" between levels. The 2 level unit expends the height to 3.75" for dropper bottles or hobby painting trays. Single units are available in either size and stack together.

Finally we have the Master Collection Stepped Topper, MCST, and the Master Collection Drawer Units, MCDU. These pieces will now allow you to tame the last few bits including the large 2oz bottles used by airbrush and craft paints or glue bottles. The drawers are designed to fit the 2.75" storage units and available in 3 sizes, 3 drawer, 2 drawer and single drawer. All are full depth with fully supported bottoms for added strength.

Hobby Storage Master Collection Kits
Master Collection Paint Tray - GW FullMCT-GWF116
Master Collection Paint Tray - GW half trayMCT-GWH112
Master Collection Paint Tray - Dropper Bottle FullMCT-DBF116
Master Collection Paint Tray - Dropper Bottle half trayMCT-DBH112
Master Collection Hobby TrayMCT-HT118
Master Collection Storage Unit 3275MCSU-327542
Master Collection Storage Unit 1275MCSU-127524
Master Collection Storage Unit 2375MCSU-237542
Master Collection Storage Unit 1375MCSU-137524
Master Collection Drawer Narrow, 3 packMCDU-33318
Master Collection Drawer Sandard, 2 packMCDU-25518
Master Collection Drawer LargeMCDU-11118
Master Collection Stepped TopperMCST-00118
Master Collection Storage Unit 3275SMCSU-3275S40
Master Collection Storage Unit 2375SMCSU-2375S40
Master Collection Open Frame StandMCOF-0116

As a special launch even package we are offering 4 starter sets to kick things off. 

MCGWS-10, $80  includes 1 - MCSU-3275 storage unit, 3 - MCT-GWF1 trays and holds a 90 paints. 
MCDBS-10, $80  includes  1 - MCSU-2375 storage unit, 2 - MCT-DBF1 trays holding 96 dropper bottle paints and 1 - MCT-HT1 Hobby tray.
MCOFGWS-10, $45 includes 1 - MCOF-01 2 level, open framed storage unit, 2 - MCT-GWF1 trays and holds 60 paints.
MCOFDBS-10, $45 includes 1 - MCOF-01 2 level, open framed storage unit, 2 - MCT-DBF1 trays and holds 96 paints.
Painters Workstation

The set is designed to fit in with our Hobby Master Collection storage system and allows you to reuse two of  your existing half trays from that system or add new trays as needed. The rack includes 6 model painting holders for for easier painting and also doubles as a drying rack. 

MCS-WS01, 6 model holders & workstation     $35

For a more compact storage solution we offer the workstation tray. The tray is a taller version of our half tray designed to hold 6 models on stands.  

MCS-WS02, 6 model holders & model tray    $30

Triple Tray Workstation

If you need a little more room to spread out your paints then we also have a wide paint workstation designed to hold 3 half paint trays or 1 each of the full and half trays.  
MCS-WS02,  workstation     $20

To order a set email us at BURNINDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM or to find out more and stay on top of our new releases please  "like" us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter @BurnInDesigns

Component Closeup and Combos

MCT-GWF1 Tray (left)  MCT-GWH1 & MCT-DBH1 (right)

MCT-HT01, Includes 11 model paint stands

MCT-1275/1375 Expansion shelf (left)   MCST-001 Stepped topper (right)

Master Collection Open Frame Stand (MCOF-01, shown with optional trays)

Master Collection Storage units (MCSU-2375, left &MCSU-3275, right)

 MCSU-3275 filled with drawer units 

Medium drawer 2 pack, MCDU-225
 Large drawer MCDU-111 (left)  Small drawer MCDU-333 (right)

MCSU-3275 with MCSU-1375 addon. Filled with MCT-GWF1, MCT-GWH1, MCT-DBH1, MCT-HT1, MCDU-255

MCT-GWF1, fits GW old and new, P3 and Foundry paints 

MCT-DBH1, fits dropper bottle paints from Vallejo, Reaper and Secret Weapon. Recommend for use with the MCSU-2375 or MCSU-1375. 

MCT-HT1, 4" tile pallet not included with set. Unit will fit both sizes of MCSU. 

MCSU-1375, shown with MCT-GWH1 & MCT-DBH1

MCSU-1375, shown with various dropper bottles. 

MCSU-3275, with a basic load out. 

 MCDU-255 comes with 2 dividers that can be added to either or both drawers for easier sorting. 

 MCST-001, Shown with tall craft paint bottles on top of a MCSU-1375. The unit is 5 levels tall and fits on top of any MCSU or can be stacked side by side as a stand alone storage system.

Expandable Paint Dropper Bottle Wall Storage System

If you build models of any type, trains, planes, cars or miniatures, paint storage is normally a sticking point. As your collection grows this becomes an even bigger problem. For those of us with adequate desk space kits like our Stepped Storage Units or the Master Collection are the ultimate solution for high density paint storage. But what if you have an even smaller space to work with or are just starting out and need a system that grows with your paint needs? We have a solution for you. 

The Expandable Paint Dropper Bottle Wall Storage System was designed to address this problem directly. Each section contains 7 shelves each able to hold 6 standard dropper bottles, 42 paints in total. Paints can be stored either direction for faster identification. The bottles are also fully supported and  so there are less chances for them to fall out as paints are removed and replaced. Each unit is pre-drilled to attach multiple sections together to create seamless storage walls. The units include wall mounting keyholes and reinforcing strips to ensure a solid, sag free attachment to walls. 

The system is available in 2 sizes a single 42 bottle or a triple 126 bottle unit.

Expandable Wall System 42 
   EPDBS-42 - $25   Holds 42 bottles 
   (HWD 12x6.5x3.25")

Expandable Wall System 126 
   EPDBS-126 - $65   Holds 126 bottles 
   (HWD 12x19.25x3.25")

EPDB-126 attached to an EPDB-42 168 paints in just over 2 square feet of wall space (12x25.75")

2oz Bottle Storage System

Sometimes standard sized model paints don't cut it for large projects. Trying to cover a large piece of terrain from a 1/2 oz pot is a lesson in futility. Sometimes you need to go big but what do you do with the paints. They don't fit in most storage systems and there seems to never be enough storage space in drawers or on the bench top. This storage system is designed to help eliminate that issue. The system is designed to carry 25 2 oz paint bottles in about a 10x12" package. The bottles are held horizontally similar to a wine rack for easy identification and access. 

vstore-225w   $25

Each kit is shipped flat and can be assembled in minutes. As will all our kits custom engraving is available. To order a set email us at BURNINDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM or to find out more and stay on top of our new releases please  "like" us on Facebook at

Stepped Storage Unit

Paint Storage is an interesting subject for most painters. Trying to find the right option for you painting space can be troublesome. Our newest designs for Stepped Storage Unit kits should make the selection process a little easier. The units are available in various configurations and sizes to allow you to custom fit them to your painting area.

The line includes a small 4 level unit, 4 level with storage drawer, a narrow 7 level unit and 7 level wide unit.
  • SPSU-4  HWD (3"x8.75"x6.75") This is the smallest unit and it perfect for small desk or areas of limited space. Holds 24 GW sized pots. $20 
  • SPSU-4W  HWD (3"x11.5"x6.75") This is the smallest unit and it perfect for small desk or areas of limited space. Holds 24 GW sized pots. $25 
  • SPSU-4D HWD (4"x8.75"x6.75") pictured, This is the unit builds on the standard 4 step unit and adds a drawer for storing paints brushes or decals. The drawer is 8.25"x6.25"x 0.75" deep. Holds 24 GW sized pots. $25
  • SPSU-7 HWD (4"x8.75""x11.5") pictured, This units is the larger 7 level unit designed to attach to the drawer unit. Holds 42 GW sized pots. $30
  • SPSU-7W HWD (4"x12"x11.5") This units is the wide 7 level unit designed to attach to the drawer unit. Holds 56 GW sized pots. $40

All units are pre-drilled to link end to end using 1/4" nuts and bolts and are available with custom engraving. Additionally, each unit includes an engraved brush stand.
SPSU-4D  w/ drawer open and SPSU-7

SPSU-4D  and SPSU-7

SPSU-4D  w/ drawer open



Vertical Paint Storage Units

If you build models of any type, trains, planes, cars or miniatures, paint storage is normally a sticking point. The main issue is the amount of space they take up and how to easily find the color you want. We are now releasing 3 different Vertical Paint Storage Units to help solve those issues. The new units allow for high density storage of paint pots in the minimum amount of space. All units are available in wood or acrylic in the  following colors standard, clear, grey/bronze or white. They can also be custom ordered in black, blue, green, yellow and red for a small additional charge. Custom engraving is available on all units at no extra charge.

First up is the VStore-5. This is a medium density unit with a horizontal top shelf and 5 deep, angled shelves to support taller paints. By angling the paints we are able to increase the shelf count and still securely hold some of the taller dropper bottle paints. The angle helps 2 keep the bottles in place and still provide a good view of the paint colors.

approx.dimensions - (HWD) 12x12x2.25"
VStore-5w, Wood Kit $25
VStore-5a, Assembled Acrylic - no longer available

Next we have the VStore-6 & VStore-8HD. These are high density solutions. Like the VStore1 it has the top tall storage shelf but the shelves have a shallower angle, around 5 degrees, designed to help hold the paints in even if wall mounted. The unit is shown in the Vstore-6 version with 6 shelves spaced about a 1.5" apart. This size will support the older GW paints and inks. If you are using the smaller dropper style bottles the VStore-8 rack is available with 8 shelves for even higher density.

approx.dimensions - (HWD) 13x12x2.25"
VStore-6w, Wood Kit 1.5" shelves - $30
VStore-8w, Wood Kit 1" shelves - $35
VStore-6a, Assembled Acrylic Standard 1.5" shelves  - no longer available
Vstore-8a, Assembled Acrylic HD 1" shelves  - no longer available

50 pot Modular Paint Tower

We have been busy lately putting the final touches on some new paint storage options. The goal with these is to offer a complete storage system for all your hobby needs. The first two parts of the system are complete and shipping now.

First up is a new design for our 50 pot Modular Paint Tower. This version has 2 fixed shelves set at a nice shallow angle to make it easy to see and reach paints in the back row. The design also adds a second set of tray supports to better handle the weight of a full tray without tipping.

The second piece is the Modular Drawer Unit with 25 paint tray. This is perfect for smaller paint collections or specialty applications such as airbrush paints. The drawers are 6x8x0.75", perfect for storing small items like decals or brush soap. 

The units are shown with GW style paints but can be cut to fit paints from other manufactures such as Privateer Press, Reaper and Vellejo. Note these paints may be smaller or larger than the GW pots so the actual capacity will be shifted accordingly. The pieces can be purchased separately or as a set. As always custom engraving is available. 

Modular Paint Tower
  • MPT-25-DB 1 tier paint storage tower w/ 2 drawers  kit, dropper bottles holes  $25
  • MPT-50-DB 2-tier paint storage tower kit, dropper bottles holes  $25
  • MPT-25-GW 1 tier paint storage tower w/ 2 drawers  kit, 40mm GW/Tamiya holes  $25
  • MPT-50-GW 2-tier paint storage tower kit, 40mm GW/Tamiya holes  $25

To get your own set just email us at BURNINDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM or to find out even like us on Facebook at

MPT-50-DB 2-tier paint storage tower kit  
MPT-50-DB 2-tier paint storage tower kit

MPT-25-DB 1 tier paint storage tower w/ 2 drawers kit

MPT-25-DB 1 tier paint storage tower w/ 2 drawers kit

To order a set email us at BURNINDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM or to find out more and stay on top of our new releases please  "like" us on Facebook at