Daggers Reach - Fantasy 32mm

Welcome to Dagger's Reach, port city to the eastern empire. From here you can go anywhere from the depths of the oceans to the heights of the tallest mountains and beyond. All is available for a price. 

Dagger's Reach is our latest collection of terrain sets based on Tudor buildings perfect of a sea side town. All buildings are designed with gameplay in mind and based on a 3" level height to make moving models easier. 

The Outer Walls

The Outer walls use a modular design with interlocking tabs  and locations to add .25" magnets allowing to easily build long sections or castle keeps quickly without worry of them coming apart during game play. Each wall section includes a elevated platform deep enough for 40mm bases. 

   Single Long section (HWL 5x3.5x9.5") DROW-01 $14

    Single Damaged section (HWL 5x3.5x9.5") DROW-02 $15

    Gate (HWL 5.5x3.5x9.5") DROW-03 $20

    Tower (HWL 11x5x5") DROW-04 $25

Outer Keep Set (2 long sections, 2 damaged sections, 1 gate, 2 towers) DROW-00 $115
This collection includes over 4 feet of walls and tower. Combine 2 sets to build a classic 4 tower castle wall. 

The Courtyard Walls

As they say good fences make for good neighbors. The courtyard walls use interlocking tabs to connect together just like the taller walls.

     Long section 2 pack, 2 sections & 3 connectors  (HWL 3.25x1.5x7.5" ech) DRCW-01 $14

     Short section 3 pack, 3 sections & 3 connectors (HWL 3.25x1.5x3" ech) DRCW-02 $14

     Gate 2 pack (HWL 3.25x1.5x3" ech) DRCW-03 $14

     45 degree corner 2 pack DRCW-04  $8

     Inner Courtyard Set (6 short sections, 4 long sections, 2 gates, 12 connectors) DRCW-00 $60

The Town
The town of Dagger's Reach has quite an assortment of buildings. Each building has its own unique designs but enough unifying features to tie the set together. From the brick and wood lower floors to the signature stair cases Dagger's Reach is a complete city.

2 Story Common House, open frame (HWD 11x8x6") DR2CH-01 $28

Tower Observatory, full floor (HWD 13.5x5x7") DRTO-01 $30

Astronomer's Workshop, open frame (HWD 9.5x6.5x9") DRAW-01 $30

Old Windmill, full floor (HWD 18x10x8") DRWM-01 $50

Manor House, full floor (HWD 7x10x8)  DRMH-01  $50

Stone Storehouse, open frame (HWD 4x5x6")  DRSS-01 $15

Watchman's Inn, open frame (HWD 11x7x7)   DRWI-01 $30

Town Extras
Water Fountain OSC-WF01 $12

Water Wheel DRWWHL-01  $15

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