Assembly Instructions - Venture Partners Building

Assembly Instructions - Venture Partners Building

  • 150-220 grit sand paper
  • hobby knife
  • PVA, CA glue and/or a Glue gun and glue sticks
  • masking tape, rubber bands or clamps
  • damp rag or paper towels
The parts are ready to assemble as they are shipped but for the wood kits we recommend you give them a light sanding with some 150 or 220 sand paper to remove any cut marks from the laser. Using an electric palm sander for this is faster but a basic sanding block will work fine as well. You only need to sand the flats and not the wedges. The laser leaves a very clean edge that is normally free of splinters and we try to catch and clean up any before the items are shipped. If you do find one though, you can clean it up with either sand paper or a hobby knife.

For glue on wood kits, our personal favorite Aleene's Original Tacky Glue is the best glue ever made for craft projects like this. It doesn't run and gives you plenty of wiggle room for alignment. It also is easier to control and clean up than regular PVA glue. To speed things along during assembly I recommend using hot glue. It is great for reinforcing joints while PVA sets and can easily be removed with rubbing alcohol.

The tape, rubber bands and clamps are just for holding parts as you assemble then and let the glue set. Due to the odd shape, rubber bands are the perfect clamp for holding things in alignment. 

The Venture Partners building is designed around a series of oval shaped rings that make up the bulk of the structure. These rings are attached to a pair of vertical supports. The windows on the building are made from pre-cut cardstock. The wooden parts are labeled to make them easier to identify them during assembly. 

Base level part 1-
Begin with the base by locating parts D and E and 2 of the short alignment pins as shown. Glue and stack the pieces then set them aside to dry. 
 Base level part 2 - 
 Upper Section Part 1 -
 Upper Section part 2 - 

Upper Section part 3 - 
 Rooftop Section - 
 Bringing it all together - 

with the skeleton now complete allow it to dry then do a final sanding before painting.