Federation City - 6mm

Federation City

Federation City is our newest terrain set for 6mm (1:285th) game systems like Robotech RPG Tactics or Battletech. The goal was to get away for the typical 2x2x2" cube buildings you normally see when building a 6mm city and inject a little more realism with buildings that can create a modern city skyline. So things like multi-block warehouses or hospitals are included in the system As well the buildings are tall because most cities grow up before they grow out. Even average-sized buildings offer full cover for most models with the true skyscrapers putting things into perspective. That 4 to 8 story tall mech is no match for the typical 20 to 30 story building.

The buildings are hollow designs perfect for add-on lighting kits from PoweredPlay. Each kit will include a mix of wood, cardstock, and acrylic parts that easily glue together with standard white glue in just a few minutes into ultra sturdy buildings that should last through years of gameplay.

Buildings are available in singles or table section sets to allow you to quickly build complete cities with varied skylines.
Building Kits

GRuTechica Space Communications (6x8x8" HWD) FC6-GTSC01 $35
We search the heavens and beam you the latest in new media entertainment. Watch the stars with us commercial free. You will be stuck in your seat waiting for our next broadcast.

Venture Partners Building (11x5x7" HWD) FC6-VPB001 $30
Venture Partners, new Federation City headquarters building is a glass marvel and a bright beacon of the industry. Under the command of new CEO and son of its founder, we expect big things from this fresh transfusion of new design ideas. 

The Wheel Complex (12x11x6" HWD) FC6-FWC20 $45
Designed to dominate the skyline and give an unbelievable view of the city The Wheel Complex is an imposing structure. Get your tickets to see the city like you never have before.

Monarch Industries (9x7x4" HWD) FC6-MI001 $28  

Monarch Industries, after a successful merger with Venture Partners spearheaded by Dr. Killinger, has become the leading science think tank in the city. With a new expansion planned on Skull Island, they are poised to take over the world.

Arc Light Plaza (12"x7x15" HWD) FC6-ALP01 $45

Covering 2 city blocks with two 22 story towers, Arc Light Plaza is the jewel of the city. Home to 2 casinos, 4 indoor pools, a 4 story rock climbing wall and 75 stores, shops and clubs it is the place to be or be seen in Federation City.

Factory ComplexFC6-FC02 $12

The Factory complex is a multi-function building with a low shipping building attached to a 6 story office building. 

Tri-Towers - FC6-3T01 $30

The Towers building is an imposing structure designed to add to any table skyline. Based on a triangular design it is a fresh take that is seldom seen on most tables.

The Network 23 Building  FC6-N23B01 $18

Edison Carter would be proud to broadcast from this building. The sign on top is open framed and the perfect hiding space for flying/jump mechs. Just make sure the building isn't shot out from under you.

6mm Quick Trees - FC6-QT01 $10

26 trees forms that can be painted and used as is for a cartoon/comic book look or flocked with clump foliage for a more realistic look. Either way, these are scaled to match 6mm models and grant easily measured cover. Trees range in height from 1.5 to 3.5 inches.

Armored Cube  FC6-AC02 $8

When you need a safe, defensible position you can't find a better one than the Armored Cube. Its low profile and sturdy reinforced walls give you the added protection needed to survive a firefight.

Strip Mall 1 FC6-SM01 $8

Every city has several. They pop up like weeds, the urban strip mall. The tribute to consumerism. Made of 5 smaller buildings designed to be grouped together to for easy custom layouts.

Mech Repair Bay Set, 2 mech bays and 1 control building  FC6-MRB01 $23

Damage in combat happens and after the battle repairs are needed. The mech repair bay is a 3 part kit with 4 repair bays that each will fit bases up to 40mm.

Heavy Construction Defensive Wall Set  FC6-HCDW01 $50

The Heavy Construction wall set allows you to build a defensive wall around your city to give you a highly defensible position whether any assault your enemies can throw at you. Includes the following parts 2 - 4" gates, 1 - 45 degree corner adapter, 8 - 1.75" columns and 4 - 4" straight sections. Enough parts to build a wall 36" wide.

Lambda Archology FC6-LAB01 $22
The Archology is often called "the Temple of Thought" in Federation city. It is home to some of the more brilliant tech minds the world has ever seen.

Myra Arms FC6-MAB01 $22

Myra Armaments is the leading manufacturer of magnetic flux density, Gauss, weaponry. From their smaller, handheld Reason Pepperbox to their Relentless ultra high-velocity canon, Myra Arms has you covered.

Power Generation Unit FC6-GU01 $20

Recently upgraded with new pebble bed reactor technology capable of powering a city 5 times Federation city's size power problems are a thing of the past. Welcome to a new age in pollution-free energy for everyone.

 Gessup Place Office Park FC6-GP01 $23

The Gessup Place Office park features an attached parking garage for tenants eliminating the hassle of dealing with parking meters and curbside parking.

Empire Building (14x7x6" HWD) FC6-EB01 $30

Every city needs a focal point and in Federation City, it is the Empire. At over 12" tall this skyscraper is the perfect centerpiece to any table skyline. The 7" square makes this a multi-block complex building, The kit is made up of multiple level sections that allow for easy transport or reconfiguration as 4 separate buildings making it a great value. As will all the kits in this set the building can easily be lighted for added detail.

The 3 Up Apartment Complex FC6-3AC01 $9 

Basic 7 story apartment complex

Federation City Airport FC6-FCA01 $50

Welcome to the Federation City Airport. Please remember the white zone is for loading and unloading passengers only. Thank you for your cooperation. Set includes a main building with airplane terminals, control tower, 3 hangers, radio tower

15 Story Office Building (8x5x5" HWD) FC6-OB1501 $12

At 15 stories tall this building makes a great impression on the table top. To add additional interest to the building balconies have been added every 3 stories. The building is tall enough to create great flyby options for low-level air combat or recreating your favorite battle in Macros City with Veritechs in fighter mode.

Shipping Warehouse (1.5x5x5" HWD) FC6-SW01 $8

Every city will have at least a few of these for moving goods into and out of the city. The warehouse is a nice change from the typical city skyscraper as well adding a bit of realism to the landscape.

Causeway Office Block (2x7x3" HWD) FC6-CB01 $8

This is one of the more unique and versatile designs. It is a causeway building designed to be used as a stand-alone or as part of a large building complex. The building has a completely open lower level with openings that are designed to work with standard 6mm 2 and 4 lane roads.

4 Quarters Building (4x3x2.5" HWD) FC6-FQB01 $10

This 8 story building is designed to put a little twist on the normal square office block with the addition of corner blocks that create a setback for the main building.

Suspension Bridge (3x11x2" HHWD) FC6-SB01 $10

Adding a water feature to any table is a great way to add new challenges to your game. This bridge will make it a little easier. The bridge is wide enough for most standard sized models.

2-lane Stone Bridge 4-pack (1x6.5x1.5" HWD) FC6-SB02 $10

Not all bridges have to be grand ladies, some are just about moving people from point A to B. This is that sort of bridge. The simple design fits in well with any era and can be used over water features or roads.

Folkner Hotel (3x8x2" HWD) FC6-FH01 $9

This is another staple building that you see in a lot of cities. It is the basic design that can be assembled with or without the carport to give a few more options in the build.

Administration Building (5.5x5x5" HWD) FC6-AB01 $9

The Administration building is a 2 level building with a twist. The large lower level has plenty of room for placing mechs on top of it while still granting cover. The upper section brings the total story count to 9 making it tall enough to block some flyers.

Hunter Hospital Complex (5x8x4" HWD) FC6-HH01 $15

Based in the hospital from Robotech, Hunter Hospital is an imposing structure. Though not the largest it is the most recognizable making it a great objective marker in any game.

3 Story Brownstone 3 pack (1.5x2x4" HWD) FC6-BS03 $8
6 Story Brownstone 3 pack (2.5x2x4" HWD) FC6-BS06 $8

These are staples for any city and as such are packaged 3 to a set. They are average sized but large enough to provide decent amounts of cover. They also can be combined together to create larger linked buildings as needed.

The Cloverleaf Casino (7x6x4" HWD) FC6-CC01 $23

The Cloverleaf is a unique standout building with its mix of acrylic and wood levels. The acrylic sections are precut for LED lighting to add an additional wow factor to the building. Even without the lighting, the see-through design looks great on the tabletop.

6 Story Twin Tower (3x6x2" HWD) FC6-TT01 $8
This is another common building design that you see on a city skyline. Be it an office block, apartment complex or administration building the basic twin design shows up everywhere.

3 Story Apartment Block 2 pack (2x3x4" HWD) FC6-AB03 $8

More common buildings with a little twist. It can be assembled as 2 3 story buildings or 1 6 story building just by stacking them together. Even better build higher just by adding additional sets to the mix.

The Horizon Building (6x7x7" HWD) FC6-HB01 $30 

The Horizon Building is one massive structure. Based on 2 large building blocks with an elevated center section connecting them, this will pose some interesting challenges. Being able to go through the building could be a great way to escape enemy fire or get the jump on a would-be victim depending on what side you are on.

Table Sets
The Burbs FC6-BURBS $30  

  • 3 - 3 Story Brownstone 3 pack (FC6-BS03)
  • 3 - 6 Story Brownstone 3 pack (FC6-BS06)

Shipping District FC6-SHIP $20 

  • 3 - Shipping Warehouse (FC6-SW01)

City Center FC6-CENTER $95 

  • 2 - 15 Story Office Building (FC6-OB1501)
  • 4 - 4 Quarters Building (FC6-FQB01)
  • 4 - 3 Story Apartment Block 2 pack (FC6-AB03)
  • 2 - 6 Story Twin Tower (FC6-TT01)

The Island FC6-ISLAND $350  

 This set includes enough terrain for a densely packed 4x6' table. It is a complete table in a box or really 2 tables. If you are ready for some epic games this is the set you really should be looking at getting.
  •  1 - Empire Building (FC6-EB01)
  • 4 - 15 Story Office Building (FC6-OB1501)
  • 2 - Shipping Warehouse (FC6-SW01)
  • 4 - Causeway Office Block (FC6-CB01)
  • 4 - 4 Quarters Building (FC6-FQB01)
  • 3 - Folkner Hotel (FC6-FH01)
  • 2 - Administration Building (FC6-EB01)
  • 1 - The Silo (FC6-SL01)
  • 1 - Hunter Hospital Complex (FC6-HH01)
  • 3 - 3 Story Brownstone 3 pack (FC6-BS03)
  • 3 - 6 Story Brownstone 3 pack (FC6-BS06)
  • 1 - The Cloverleaf Casino (FC6-CC01)
  • 3 - 6 Story Twin Tower (FC6-TT01)
  • 3 - 3 Story Apartment Block 2 pack (FC6-AB03)
  • 1  The Horizon Building (FC6-HB01)
  • 2 - Suspension Bridge (FC6-SB01)
  • 1 - 2-lane Stone Bridge 4-pack (FC6-SB02)

Additional Items not pictured -
Lighting Armature FC6-LIGHT $5   

These add-ons are designed to make it easy to light your models with kits from PowerPlay. The armatures are designed to fit inside the buildings and hold the battery and necessary wiring. Each kit includes a single armature that can be modified to fit a variety of buildings. It is recommended you line the inside of the building you want to light with parchment paper to act as a defuser to spread light more evenly.

Each kit is shipped flat and can be assembled in minutes. As will all our kits custom engraving is available. To order a set email us at BURNINDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM or to find out more and stay on top of our new releases please  "like" us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BurnInDesigns.

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