Q: We see a lot of different kits but what are you really working on?

A: All sorts of things. Here is your chance to peek behind the curtain to see what I am building and some of the kits that may be showing up on the site in the future. There will be a little bit of everything here from one-off projects to dead-end projects and things that will make it to the kit catalog in the future. When they may the transition is anyone's guess. I can't say what will make the cut. Pretty much sit back and enjoy the show.

Steampunk Airship 2

Steampunk Airship 1

 Steampunk Airship 2

Airship Prototypes

Enclosed tow behind trailer

Flatbed tow behind trailer

Rooftop Billboards

Tire stack barricades 

Gas Station

Shipping Container Mover

Construction Trailer

Construction Dumpster 1

Construction Dumpster 2

Construction Trailer

Retro Trailer

Construction Set Kits

Radar Dish

Ghostbuster's HQ

6mm Ferris Wheel v1

Custom Card Storage Boxes

Victorian Clock Tower

Outpost B37

Searchlight and generator trailer w/ Powered Play Gaming lighting kit

Modern Billboard w/ Powered Play Gaming lighting kit

Steampunk Railway Systems
Steampunk Armored railway car