Santo Poco - Old West 32mm

Welcome to Santo Poco
As the sister city to Rock Ridge, Santo Poco is known for its beautiful mission. The complex spans the entire city and is a site to behold. It bells can be heard for miles. With many gardens and screened porches where you can rest the day away and relax in the cool breeze. Visit once and you will never want to leave.

Santo Poco is a full table set designed to bring a bit of the southwest to your old west table. The set is based on a collection of interchangeable buildings that can be linked to build entire complexes. This connectivity allows you to keep your games fresh just by rearranging the sets. Sets come with fully engraved floors and a mix of different window and door options to expand the set even further. We even offer optional roof tiles for further customize them to fit your setting. With some simple changes, you can go from the southwest to an English countryside or elfin village. 

Main Structures 

Santo Poco Main Church 
At 11"x9" and 12" tall the Santo Poco main church is an imposing building. It features an engraved main floor tile pattern, a second-floor balcony, and an attic space with rooms this is a building that complete battles can be had without leaving the building. The roof is shallow and comes without shingles or tiles to allow you to customize it depending on your setting.

WRR-SP000 - Santo Poco Main Church w/ alter  $75 

Santa Poco Living Quarters 1

This 2 story structure based on the same 10"x8" footprint as the main church include a movable staircase for easy access to the upper level and a lower level with 2 connecting rooms and a large arched front porch.
WRR-SP003 - Santa Poco Living quarters 1  $40

Santa Poco Second floor Carriage House

 With an open lower level and options to add screens to block off access as needed and options for doors at either end. Includes staircase to access the second floor.
WRR-SP002 - Santa Poco Second floor carriage house w/ Staircase  $25

Santa Poco Bell Tower 1

Based on a 2 story connector building the bell tower allows you to add some additional height elements to your table. Finish it off by adding your own bell to the cross bar.

WRR-SP009 - Santa Poco Bell Tower 1 $20

Santa Poco Covered Causeway

Measuring 10" in length the causeway is a great way to spread things out and give you a little more room to play. With the ability to be easily modified into a screened wall this is a great piece for building an outer parameter wall for your own fortifications.
WRR-SP001 - Santa Poco Covered causeway  $15

Santa Poco Courtyard Pavilion 

The Courtyard Pavilion is the perfect spot for a quiet meeting next to the fountain or a final shootout between bandits. Another 8"x10" footprint building with a flat roof this piece stand on its own. Set includes tables and chairs to complete the scene
WRR-SP005 - Santa Poco Courtyard Pavilion  $25

Santa Poco Large courtyard

This open area set piece features a low wall and removable fireplace. Featuring simple arches marking the entrance and exits.
WRR-SP006 - Santa Poco Large courtyard $15

Santa Poco Fountains and Pools 

Fountains are an integral part of the southwestern design with elaborately tiled pools being the centerpiece of towns and courtyards. Adding them is a great way to take your design higher and give you additional points of interest on your table. 
WRR-SP007 - Santa Poco Small pool fountain  $10

WRR-SP008 - Santa Poco Large fountain $12

Santa Poco Side Building

Designed to add a little extra space for ground floor buildings, this addon can be used as a stand-alone building as well. This is a great way to add some extra character and fighting room to any building.
WRR-SP010 - Santa Poco side building  $15


WRR-SP011 - Santo Poco covered staircase  $12

WRR-SP012 - Santo Poco open staircase  $12

Santa Poco 4-way Connector Building

The 4-way connector gives a simple way to link several buildings together and create outpost breaks in long wall sections. Includes blank, removable top.

WRR-SP013 - Santo Poco 4-way connector building  $15

Santa Poco Short Hallway building

 WRR-SP014 - Santo Poco Short Hallway building  $12

Roof Tile Sheets
To finish off the look of the building we offer laser-cut paper tile sheets. Each sheet is designed to cover a 5x7 area. 

Spanish tiles 
Square tiles
Oval tiles
Random width tiles
Large slate tiles

Walkway Sections
A collection of various sized sections of floor tiles with patterns to match the ground floor of all the buildings. Great for creating walkway areas that space models apart.

2x1-tile sections
4x1-tile sections
3x3-tile sections

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