Q: How do I place an order?
A: Currently we handle all our ordering via email to BurnInDesigns@gmail.com with invoicing through Paypal. We find that this is the easiest way to handle orders and gives us a chance to easily customize orders. 

Q: Now that I have placed my order when will it arrive?
A: All our orders are cut to order. This means we do not stock finished inventory. This helps us keep prices low because we do not have to predict demand on an item. The also gives us the freedom to customize any order as needed. The only downside is production time is slightly longer. The goal from order to shipment is 2 weeks however if we get allot of orders from things like sales or new product launches it can take up to 4 weeks for your order. If there is going to be a delay in your order we will contact you and keep you informed as to your orders progress.

Q: I want to order a custom engraved item but need to know what is possible?
A: The short answer on this is almost anything. Baring things that are classic "hate" speech or in insanely poor taste we have you covered. For the long answer check out the Custom Engraving section below.

Q: I noticed that you show prototypes and items that do not list a part number or price. How can I order those items?
A: From time to time I will post items that are still in the works to keep people posted on their progress. Some of these projects make it to completion and end up as products. Others for various reasons don't. This does not mean a project is dead but it does mean that it is not available for orders. Fear not though, no project ever truly dies. They are normally rolled into larger projects so stay tuned.

Q: How do you handle shipping? Do you ship internationally?
A: We ship all our products by US Postal Priority Mail. This is the most cost effective way of shipping small volume items. Pricing is based on package size so it is very easy for us to calculate the shipping cost. Currently US shipping is $10-12 and  international shipping is usually $24-60.

Q: For international shipping there is a big jump in price. What is the cause of this?
A: This is one of the strange quirks of shipping. International shipping is based on package size and weight. This can cause some weird things to happen. For example the rate for the tiny and small packages is the same but the packaging is different. The tiny item is box shipped and the small is by padded envelope. In this case they have the same weight limit so the same shipping rate. The small to medium goes for a 4 lb limit to a 20 lb limit and a box with a little more capacity. That extra 16 pounds makes a huge difference though. The medium to large keeps the weight but moves to a bigger package. There the size difference covers the price change. 

Q: What about using different shippers?
A: We can use other shippers and in some cases that is a plus. For example you are ordering a large order for a gaming club or store. In those cases we will contact you about the shipping options and let you decide which is best for you.

Q: Why is shipping so much?
A: We try to stay as close as possible to what it cost us to ship items. Unlike some sellers we don't boost our shipping price to make up for small margins on items. That practice brings bad karma and we don't need any of that.

Q: What materials are the kits made of?
A: All the current kits are made of matte board, birch plywood or acrylic. 

Q: Birch plywood? Why don't you use MDF like the other laser cut kits on the market?
A: Besides the gaming related kits we also make desktop items like boxes and business card holders. Doing these sorts of items out of MDF doesn't work well as you can really only paint it. This is fine but we wanted a few more options. The plywood allows us to stain items and offer a few more options on appearance. Rather than stock 2 different materials it is just easier to stick with one for both groups. This is not to say that we will always stick with plywood for both groups but currently it is the most cost effective solution.

Q: Matte board seems a little flimsy. How can I reinforce it?
A: Seal it with a brush on sealer or varnish for wood. Do not use the spray version though. The solvent in it can cause delamination. Once sealed the pieces are really durable and should handle anything you throw at it in a normal game. Once sealed this way you can paint it normally. Also don't forget to seal both sides. It will make the piece last a longer and be more stable.

Q: Plywood, how to I eliminate the wood grain from showing through when I paint?
A: It is actually pretty easy to eliminate the wood grain. First when you get your pieces you want to sand them with 200+ sand papers. This will get rid of the scorch marks the laser leaves behind when it cuts. This eliminates the majority of the grain. We recommend using an electric palm sander for this. It will go allot faster. Next comes primer. Skip the primer you use for your minis. It is too thin and is not designed to build. Pick up a can of automotive, sandable primer. Some brands call it high build primer. The brand really doesn't matter as long it is sandable. Prime the piece then give it a quick sanding again with 200-400 grit sand paper. The primer will raise the grain a little but this will clean it back up. One pass is normally enough for most projects but you can build to a glass like finish it you repeat the process a few times. It is probably over kill but sometimes you want that effect.

Q: I order an item and the acrylic parts look cloudy. What should I do about it?
A: Most acrylics are coated with plastic or paper that should be removed. This is only there to protect it during shipping. Just peel it off and you are all set. If the paper is really stubborn use something like Goo-Gone to help it slide off easier.

Q: How do I glue acrylic?
A: Acrylic can be glued with CA glue or acrylic cement. The CA option will cause hazing and I do not recommend it for items you are not going to paint. Acrylic cement is the best thing for attaching acrylic to itself. This can be purchased through most hardware stores and some model railroad shops. 

Q: Do you offer any discounts on purchases?
A: Yes. We offer a 10% military discount on all military orders. We also offer additional discounts for stores and gaming clubs. Those discounts are based on the order level and are discussed as part of the order process. We also have a repeat customer discount. This discount code is at the bottom of your over invoice.

Release Schedule and custom work
Q: Do you have a set release schedule?
A: No. Some projects come together quickly so it could take less than a day to go from idea to finished design. Others not so, there are a few that are hitting the 3 month mark of no progress. It all comes down to inspiration and construction time.

Q: Is there any way to influence the production schedule?
A: Yes. Demand effects production so email us if you see something is stalled or are looking for that perfect piece. This is how we ended up with so many paint storage options. Every time I thought I was done someone would ask for something different. I have some good ideas but really who know better what you want than you? If you have an idea for something don't be afraid to contact us and we can see with we can work out.

Q: Earlier you mentioned custom engraving. What is involved there?
A: We can pretty much engrave any black and white line image you can come up with without any real difficulty. It gets a little tougher when you start working with photos and color images. Lasers work like black and white inkjet printers when it comes to printing pictures. The more contrast an image has the easier it is to engrave. For custom artwork of this type we will contact you with the process needed to engrave it. This process is a little more involved and is handled on a case by case basis at the moment.