Metro City - Modern 32mm

Metro City

Metro City Firehouse

Metro City Firehouse 1- MCFH-1  $65

The firehouse modeled after the one in the 1984 Ghostbusters movie is a fun tribute to the film and brings a high level of detail to the table. With its large, deep windows on 3 sides setting up some great game potentials moves and a fully modeled fire escape with roof ladder in back, this is a excellent starter piece. It includes extra details like external wall sconces and fire hose connections on the outside. The kit can be modeled with the doors open or closed as needed. 
11" x 12" x 10" (HDW)  *Shown with optional water tower and skylight sold separately 

Metro City Clock Tower 
Metro City Clock Tower - MCCT-1  $60

The clock tower is designed to be the center piece of any modern or steampunk/Victorian table. The kit has clock faces on all sides that can use the included fixed arms or be fit with 4 real clock modules available online or are most craft stores. At almost 20 inches tall this kit will tower over most buildings adding to its appeal on the tabletop. The 2 levels of the kit include trap doors for ladders to allow models to move from level to level. 
19.5" x 4.5" x 4.5" (HDW) * Bell not included

Metro City Brownstones

The 3 story walk up apartment is a staple of most large cities. From New York to Chicago or Seattle they are one of the best places to live. The kits include a collection of doors and multi-layered windows to allow for some customization on each kit.

Metro City Brownstone 1 - MCBS-1  $48
XxYxZ (HDW) * Accessories not included

Metro City Brownstone 1 - MCBS-1  $48
11" x 12" x 5"  (HDW) * Accessories not included 

Metro City Brownstone 3 - MCBS-3  $36
8" x 9" x 6" (HDW) * Accessories not included 

Metro City Scatter Terrain and Street Dressing
Having just buildings on the tabletop are not enough. You need details to help set the rest of the scene. All those little things you and I see every day. Fire hydrants, street lights, bike racks, fences, all those bits that make the scene real and in some cases grant that added bit of cover you need to survive a firefight.

Metro City Wrought Iron Fences - MCWIF-1 $12
 4 - 5 in. fence sections
 3 - 5 in. swing open gates

Metro City Ornamental Fences - MCWIF-2 $12
 8 - 3.75" sections
 10 - Connecting Post

 Metro City Ornamental Fences -  MCWIF-3 $12
  6 - 5.375" sections
  10 - Connecting Post

Metro City Ornamental Fences -  MCWIF-4 $8
 2 - 5.25" Swinging Gates with Connecting Post
 2 - Connecting Post

Metro City Accessory Set 1 - MCAS-01 $10
4 street lights,2 fire hydrants,2 parking meters,1 bike rack
1 manhole work ring,1 street repair directional sign
4 11" sidewalk sections

Metro City Public Works Set 1 - MCPW-01 $10
10 Construction barricades, 10 tall road cones,
1 street repair directional sign, 1 manhole work ring,
2 fire hydrants, 3 11" sidewalk sections

Metro City Streetlight Set 1 -  MCSLS-01 $10
14 street lights
Metro City Working Overhead Set 1 - MCWOS-01 $10
1 Scissor Lift, 4 construction barricades
Metro City Worksight Generator Set - MCWGS-1 
2 tow behind generator boxes, 2 light stands
Metro City Billboards - MCBB-1 $10
 2 billboards with removable signs. 1 rooftop and 1 side attached.

Metro City Rooftop Air conditioner - MCRAC-1 $8

Metro City Window Air conditioners (4 pack) - MCWAC-1 $5

Metro City Rooftop Water Tank (2 pack) - MCRWT-1 $10

Metro City Skylights (4 pack)